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4 Oct 2012

It’s a testament to Deacon’s restraint (you heard me) that he can write intimate and complex music that still gets branded minimalist. Deacon relies on simple chord changes to motor his mechanics, but the notes themselves contain all the grime and rust, the spark plugs and fried currents that he can cram into them. The gritty texture of the synth bass on tracks like “Guilford Avenue Bridge” and “Crash Jam”  in particular are nasty and snarled, industrial filth that simultaneously mimes the devastated vista and the mechanisms that brought it down.—Timothy Gabriele, review of Dan Deacon’s America

This set features a mash-up of classic late ‘80s and early ‘90s house, including Haze Factory’s “A Bit of Redemption”.  Andy Butler says of the tune, “they made a very Gherkin sounding song with Detroit-y snare bashes, and very Wild Pitch-y sounding stabs.”

DJ-Kicks will drop on November 13th in the US and internationally on October 29th.

Prolific Canadian heavy metal band Cauldron return to action on the 8th of October 2012 with Tomorrow’s Lost, their third full-length album in fours years for Earache Records. To ramp up excitement levels ahead of its release, PopMatters is proud to host the exclusive premiere of the arena worthy anthem “Nitebreaker”, a headbanging highlight from the forthcoming album which sees Cauldron hone their songwriting, tighten their guitar attack, and fire-off the most memorable chorus of their career. Tomorrow’s Lost is a game changer and a must for fans of traditional metal/rock in the vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Angel Witch. Check it out and wreck your neck!

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