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by Alan Ranta

9 Jan 2014

London born, Brooklyn-based composer Morgan Visconti has music pedigree coming out of his ears. His dad, Tony Visconti is a renowned producer, counting the likes of T.Rex and Morrissey among his clients, as well as David Bowie from Space Oddity to The Next Day, while his mother, Mary Hopkin, was one of the first acts signed to Apple Records (the Beatles’ own label). After years of performing as an assistant engineer, programmer and session musician, and composing for hundreds of ad campaigns, Morgan about to step into his own light with the release of his debut full-length.

by PopMatters Staff

8 Jan 2014

Today Finn shared the record’s first single, “Snug as Fuck”. Speaking to SPIN, he said of the album, “there was a surreal feeling created through the energy of where I was and looking over at Manhattan and seeing it as a subconscious dimension, an entity in itself where every story under the sun was happening all at once. Any fantasy or fear you have in your own mind is probably playing out in reality in Manhattan at any one time.”

by PopMatters Staff

8 Jan 2014

Yes, this Brooklyn indie punk band is highly prolific. Today brings the release of the new record’s first single, “Pearly Gates”, an uber-garage rock track bristling with energy and forward motion. The band also has an extensive US tour upcoming.

by PopMatters Staff

6 Jan 2014

by George Russell

18 Dec 2013

There is an interesting undercurrent in pop music towards songs about the common man that are written and performed by people who consider themselves part of that group. Unlike their counterparts in the rap world they aren’t posturing about having “come up”. Their success aside, in their music they seem to be rejecting the pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake. Lorde is the first popular artist in some time who sings convincingly about the proletariat in songs like Team and Royals while at the same time presumably being from the proletariat—both her parents are basically working class. Jake Bugg is another popular musician (his first album reached #1 in the UK) that uses his experience growing up on the bottom side of middle-class as fodder for his songs.

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Ubisoft Understands the Art of the Climb

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"Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Grow Home epitomize the art of the climb.

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