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by Brice Ezell

9 Mar 2015

Last September, PopMatters premiered the new album by the Brazilian dream-pop artist SILVA, Ocean View, which would later go on to be named the album of the year by iTunes Brazil. With these songs still fresh in the mind, SILVA will take to Austin, Texas, for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival, where he will bring his catchy, almost tropical pop to the dry heat of Texas.

Below you can stream the Tom Bailey (of the Thompson Twins fame) remix of SILVA’s “Vista Pro Mar”, which exudes an island vibe that’s perfect foreshadowing for your next summer vacation.

by PopMatters Staff

9 Mar 2015

The new tune is “Believe”, a slow-jam ballad. Lidell says, “it’s an honest admission of self doubt. I even feel vulnerable releasing this song, which is why I know it’s important.”

by Brice Ezell

9 Mar 2015

Tor Miller’s brand of piano pop will come naturally to those familiar with groups like Coldplay and Seabird, where the choruses are anthemic as they are catchy. In Miller’s case, though, there’s the added dimension of his native New York City. His experience in the city, which is reflected in the lyrics to his songs, makes him out to be the 21st century answer to Billy Joel. As it turns out, this kind of piano-driven songwriting will always find a way to get by.

Below you can watch the black-and-white video to Miller’s “Midnight”, a true exemplification of his style. His drive as an artist and as a student of music (he is studying at New York University) rings clearly, both in his impassioned chorus vocal and the dramatic piano chords.

by Brice Ezell

5 Mar 2015

With their latest song “Outta My Mind”, the Virginia rock ‘n’ roll band called People’s Blues of Richmond bring to mind two recent rock LPs in particular, both by the same artist: the Black Keys. The first is 2014’s Turn Blue; the psychedelic washes of “Outta My Mind” align quite closely with the ‘60s psych mood of that album. Most of all, however, it brings to mind the megahit record Brothers, with its retro-minded production and songwriting.

As it turns out, these parallels are not merely by coincidence. In recording “Outta My Mind”, People’s Blues of Richmond sought out producer Mark Neill, who co-produced Brothers alongside the Black Keys and Danger Mouse.

by Brice Ezell

4 Mar 2015

In the vein of Ray Charles’ classic collaborative album Genius Loves Company, Northern Ireland songwriter Van Morrison has teamed up with a host of musicians for his forthcoming album Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue. Unlike Charles, however, who took songs from the pop, jazz, and blues standard repertoire, Morrison selected singers that he felt would best offer new interpretations of his own songs. Those who stepped up to the plate include Michael Buble, Steve Winwood, Natalie Cole, Mark Knopfler, Taj Mahal, Joss Stone, and his daughter Shana Morrison.

The newest cut to be released from the duet sessions is Van Morrison and Bobby Womack’s take on “Some Peace of Mind”, taken from Morrison’s 1991 LP Hymns to the Silence.

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