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For music fans, mid-April each year features a weekend that becomes the go-to event for exclusive vinyl releases that keep crowds flooding into record shops across the globe. This event is Record Store Day, and as you ready yourself to brave the 180 gram-obsessed crowds, you can watch some performances and interviews related to this increasingly ubiquitous musical affair.

Sandra Lilia Velásquez (of Pistolera fame, on vocals, keyboards, guitar) and Sean Dixon (drums, bass, programming) are the force behind the SLV acronym. The Brooklyn-based duo have readied a full-length debut, This Kind, which will be available to the world soon in the coming weeks. Before you experience the full album, you can immerse yourself in the creative visuals of “Heartbreaker”, the video of which you can stream exclusively below. The distinctive animation style, crafted by Velásquez herself (she conceptualized, film, and edited the video), brings to mind the “rotoscoping” technique utilized most famously by Richard Linklater in his films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

You might know the Proclaimers as the brotherly duo that wrote that one song that Ted and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother are obsessed with. Late ‘80s hits notwithstanding, as of late the notable fact about Charlie and Craig Reid is that they’re still active and well on the music scene; their latest LP, Let’s Hear It for the Dogs, is being released soon. In the meantime, you can stream the video for “You Built Me Up”, a track off that record. (As the album’s title implies, there is a dog involved.) “You Built Me Up” bears all the requisite Proclaimers traits: catchiness, quirk, and an inviting geniality that has made them the feature of sing-alongs for decades now. For these traits they’ve culled a distinctive fanbase, including David Tennant, who says of the Reids, “My favorite band of all time. They write the most spectacular songs—big-hearted, uncynical passionate songs.”

Following videos capturing their two performances with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, in addition to a track off of their latest LP If I Was, the Staves take to the digital stage for one last song. This time, it’s for a performance of another If I Was cut, “Black and White”.

The tunes of Bruce Springsteen are inextricably bound with his gruff baritone. Yet that doesn’t mean different voices higher on the vocal register can’t do something new with the Boss’ tunes, as evinced by the latest live video from the English trio the Staves, comprised of sisters Emily (vocals), Jessica (vocals, guitar), and Camilla (vocals, ukulele) Staveley-Taylor. Watch them give a unique take on this tune at London’s Wilton’s Music Hall below, where they are joined by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame.


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