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by Lana Cooper

29 Jul 2010

Just a girl and her ukulele, Denver singer-songwriter Danielle Ate the Sandwich (aka - Danielle Anderson) has been generating support for her third album, Two Bedroom Apartment through YouTube. A sonic wedding between Joni Mitchel and Death Cab for Cutie, Danielle’s earnest lyrics and clear, beautiful soprano voice are a staple of her repertoire—as are kicky arrangements on originals and unexpected covers. Although she flies solo on YouTube renditions of her songs, on Two Bedroom Apartment, Danielle is backed by a talented group of musicians (who also accompanied her on a rollicking, folk-edged cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” at the album’s release party). Apparently, the YouTube buzz has been paying off as Danielle Ate the Sandwich will be playing the Mile High Festival’s Wolf Stage in August along with the likes of Weezer and Train.

by PopMatters Staff

29 Jul 2010

Steel guitar blues master Robert Randolph and band delve into the roots of blues and R&B on their latest album We Walk This Road. Randolph and producer T Bone Burnett mined the American musical archives for the record to produce something of an ode to 20th century American music. Along the way, Randolph and his ace band rework songs by John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Prince, as well as older tunes. Today we have the pleasure of premiering a live video performance of “Traveling Shoes” produced by Yours Truly that includes an enlightening interview segment.

Today in his review of the album for PopMatters, Ryan Reed said of “Traveling Shoes”: “Burnett’s influence behind the boards is felt immediately, with Marcus Randolph’s drums pounding, bone-dry and big. It’s a stellar track with a sweltering groove—most importantly, it does exactly what the album aspires toward: merging the ancient and the current, proving the Road hasn’t changed a bit. The inspired ‘No, no, no, no / No, no, no’ chant sounds like the blues incarnate, and Randolph’s whirring pedal steel is the sound of pain filtered through an instrument.”

by John Bergstrom

29 Jul 2010

Veteran UK indie survivors the Charlatans are set to release Who We Touch, their 11th studio album. Produced by Youth, the Killing Joke bassist who works with Paul McCartney on McCartney’s Fireman projects, the album hits the UK on September 6th and North America on the 14th.

01 Love Is Ending
02 My Foolish Pride
03 You’re Pure Soul
04 Smash The System
05 Intimacy
06 Sincerity
07 Trust in Desire
08 When I Wonder
09 Oh
10 You Can Swim

The band has also announced a North American tour, its first in four years. Here are the dates (after the jump) and the video for the Charlatans’ new single, “Love Is Ending”.

by PopMatters Staff

29 Jul 2010

POPMATTERS SPONSOR—Platinum and gold-disc Tennessee rockers Paramore blast summer crowds with their alt rock, emo, pop punk sound on their headline Honda Civic Tour throughout the U.S. this summer. Get on your bike/hop in your car/race for the bus/catch a train or a plane or a boat—do what it takes to see the band, along with talented Tegan & Sara, hardcore rockers Newfound Glory, and the sweet songs of Kadawatha—perfect for summer. Before you go, enter the Honda Civic Tour Drive Away with Paramore Sweepstakes. (Tour schedule is posted below the jump).

While you’re securing your ride to this must-see summer concert, check out your chance to win a new ride—a sweet Paramore-customized Civic Si Coupe, or a snazzy MASI Speciale Fixed LTD Drop Bicycle, complete with Paramore’s logo and band autographs (feast your eyes on these prizes, here). You might also win the chance to meet-up with Paramore in California, nab an autographed Fender© Telecaster, make off with an autographed Flip Mino HDTM Video camera by Paramore, or snag Paramour Backpack with signed tour program and CD and more. Enter the contest here.

Got those Honda Civic Tour 2010 concert tickets in hand? Got a few minutes to spare while waiting on your ride? Follow the tour, the bands, and the giveaways on Paramore’s Facebook page.

by Matt Mazur

28 Jul 2010

First Film:

[Bening]The Great Outdoors (Howard Deutsch, 1988)

[Moore] Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie (John Harrison, 1990)


[Bening] Bugsy (Barry Levinson, 1991); American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999); Being Julia (Istvan Stabo, 2004)

[Moore] Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and Magnolia (1999); The Hours (Stephen Daldry, 2002); Savage Grace, (Tom Kalin, 2008)

Star Turn:

[Bening] The Grifters (Stephen Frears, 1990)

[Moore] Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes, 2002)


[Bening] In this year’s Mother and Child (Rodrigo Garcia), Bening gave her most mature, expressive performance as a woman who gave her baby up for adoption at age 14, yet there was very little in the way of praise for either her or the film, which deserves a second look.

[Moore] In Jane Anderson’s The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio (2005), many critics complained about Moore playing another mid-century housewife type and completely missed a low-key, heart-felt little performance full of passion and intelligence, followed closely by her haunted,  elegant turn as Yelena in Louis Malle’s Vanya on 42nd Street.

Upcoming, Current and/or Recent: It’s no surprise that we’ve arrived at this conclusion, with Bening and Moore at the head of the class. The two greats play lesbian moms in Lisa Cholodenko’s excellent new movie The Kids Are All Right, each hitting new career highs in a story about why we stay with the ones we love. It is impossible to imagine anyone else in their roles. The film is playing in limited release and is the number one film I recommend for the summer season because of the two strong, talented women who top-line.

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