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by Oliver Ho

7 Jun 2010

A news report captures a local outbreak of the Rocky Horror Picture Show phenomenon in Universal City sometime in the late 1970s. Watch closely, because about 1:25 into the segment, a certain soon-to-be-college-rock icon appears dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter to reassure the reporter, “This is an excellent movie, it really is, and we’re all quite normal, really.” [via A.V. Club]

by Alistair Dickinson

7 Jun 2010

Do you love Christina Hendricks as an gorgeous-but-somewhat-tragic office-runner named Joan Holloway in 1960s-set Mad Men, but also love Christina Hendricks as a gorgeous-but-somewhat-psychopathic con-woman in the distant-future-set Firefly? Well, you’re in luck! Danger Mouse-James Mercer project Broken Bells has released a video for “Ghost Inside”, which features Hendricks as a jump-suited android from the distant-future trying to make it to a very retro-looking resort planet.

by John Lindstedt

7 Jun 2010

After years and years of hearing what a lost treasure MTV’s The State was, I was finally granted access through it’s recent addition to Netflix’s Instant Stream feature. It more than lived up to its reputation, especially when compared to it’s lazy older brother, Saturday Night Live. Sketches on The State rarely outstay their welcome, you’re in and out before you know it. Even a weak concept is a low risk venture, because you know the shows rapid fire pace will soon move onto a new topic (often with a clever segue).

The one sketch that stood out for me the most was Ken Marino’s “Louie: The Guy Who Comes Out and Says His Catchphrase Over and Over Again”. Just as SNL was knee deep in characters like “It’s Pat” and “The Richmeister”, this sketch brings to light the lame and lazy formulas those SNL sketches often employ. A situation is set, be it a party, the beach, or what have you. An opportunity for entry presents itself, as in an unseen guest who is late to said party. Enter: familiar character. Cue applause. Character says line. Audience knows line, so audience laughs. If the character was withholding a treat, the audience would probably sit or roll over on command. As you can see, “Louie’s” catchphrase, “I’m going to dip my balls in it,” makes no attempt to be even remotely clever. That anti comedy aspect of it is what works for me, while the audience lapping up the seventh incantation of “Schwetty Balls” makes me want to put my face in my hands for a long time.

by Maria Schurr

7 Jun 2010

The video for Kylie Minogue’s latest single, “All the Lovers”, has just been released and it is just as pristine visually as the track is aurally. Not surprisingly, the video boasts a staggering amount of scantily clad PDA enthusiasts. “All the Lovers” will be made available for download on June 13. Minogue’s 11th studio album, Aphrodite drops on July 5.

by Arnold Pan

6 Jun 2010

Majesty Shredding
Releasing: 14 September

Considering that Superchunk pretty much churned out an album a year during the 1990s, it’s hard to believe that the quintessential power-punk band has basically been on hiatus since 2001’s Here’s to Shutting Up. In some ways, though, it hardly seems like they’ve gone anywhere, since the band’s mainstays Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan seem ever-present building their label Merge from a respected indie into a cultural phenomenon in the interim. From the looks and sounds of the one-minute video trailer promoting the new album, Majesty Shredding, Superchunk might be headed back to the basics after leaving off with forays into a more mature sound, at least relatively speaking. Hear what could’ve been this summer’s soundtrack in the fall when Majesty Shredding is released on September 14 by—who else?—Merge.

01 Digging for Something
02 My Gap Feels Weird

03 Rosemarie

04 Crossed Wires

05 Slow Drip

06 Fractures in Plaster

07 Learned to Surf

08 Winter Games

09 Rope Light

10 Hot Tubes

11 Everything at Once

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