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by PopMatters Staff

16 Sep 2015

Ed Whitelock: Jenny Hval’s Apocalypse, Girl is one of the most important albums of the year, which is not to be confused with a necessarily pleasant listening experience. This video underscores just how essential it is to see her on her current tour. [8/10]

by Adrien Begrand

15 Sep 2015

Norwegian art pop artist Sarah Calvert, AKA Calvert, will be releasing her debut EP later this fall, and as a great little teaser have just put together a video for the entrancing track “Spring”. With an enticing blend of ambient and electropop influences, not to mention just the right amount of Nordic chilliness, the track, which features feels as mysterious as it is inviting.

by PopMatters Staff

14 Sep 2015

Ed Whitelock: This song and video run the risk of falling into so many rocker’s life clichés, but Kurt Vile is, thankfully, no cowboy on a steel horse riding. Song and video mesh perfectly here, and we see the blessings and privilege of boredom in the studio as he hashes out creativity from inside a smoky shell. This is an instant stoner classic. [9/10]

by PopMatters Staff

14 Sep 2015

Matt James: I know little about Majical Cloudz beyond the duo’s delightful dabblings with Grimes, but “Silver Car Crash” is striking enough to make me feel I really need to start paying attention. It’s the most hopelessly romantic ode to automobile atrocities since the Smiths’ “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”. “We will both die laughing whilst I am holding on to you,” croons Devon Welsh over glowing Angelo Badalamenti-style synths. It’s both terrifying and crushingly beautiful. I doubt, however, I’ll be going around Mr. Welsh’s house for cream tea and buttered scones anytime soon as judging by the video the man is quite clearly insane. [8/10]

by PopMatters Staff

11 Sep 2015

Dustin Ragucos: The undersea critters and those above land are moving their heads from side to side while they hear “Sea Calls Me Home”. After a few listens, it’s hard not to casually whistle to it. The song’s sax solo is the cherry on top. I think that it’s safe to pack our suitcases and join Holter on her voyage. Bring scuba gear. [9/10]

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