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A resonator and a toy piano don’t sound like instruments that would be used in making rap music, but then again, the Minneapolis rapper and producer Ecid isn’t your garden-variety musician. For the video to the acoustic version of “Number One on a Hit List”, Ecid and his guitarist Phingaz pick up the aforementioned instruments and craft a whimsical landscape that’s punctuated by the rapper’s fast delivery.

“Number One on a Hit List” comes from Ecid’s recently released Pheromone Heavy LP.

Like many musicians, Sam Lewis arrived in Nashville with two main goals: one, meet some friends, and two, record some great music. Waiting on You, his sophomore outing, represents the coterminus of those two goals, as he has both 12 new tunes to his name that he recorded with a smattering of Nashville’s most well-known players. Featuring Kenny Vaughan (Lana Del Rey, Ray LaMontagne), Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young), and the McCrary Sisters, Waiting on You is a vibrant picture of Lewis’ growing skills as a songwriter and a troubadour.

Below you can watch Lewis perform a spare rendition of the soulful track “Little Time”.

Hot off a few gigs during Miami Music Week, the electronic trio Cash Cash stopped by the offices of their label Atlantic Records in New York to perform a couple of their hit songs. However, instead of playing percussive dance versions, the trio Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Sam Frisch decided to strip down the music and go acoustic. They were joined by vocalist Maria Dontas and a string quartet to showcase the songs in front of label execs, media and other guests. The catchy songs were felt comparatively soaring to their electronic counterparts with the vibrant strings and live instrumentation. Cash Cash answered a few questions following their set, including the ever-challenging, ‘would you rather have a time machine that only goes backward in time or only forward?’ and to give a non-committal response to whether or not they prefer to play acoustic or electronic. You can decide yourself by checking out some video clips below, including the official NSFW “Surrender” video.

The spirit of the early ‘90s is alive and well with the London group False-Heads; specifically, the spirit of grunge. Taking a leaflet out of the book Nirvana perfected with LPs like Bleach and In Utero, “TwentyNothing”, a tune from the group’s upcoming EP Wear and Tear, is a high-energy number that’s given an additional dose of creativity in its music video, which you can view exclusively below. If you’re wondering why the drummer seems to be in absentia... well, there’s a story behind that.

There’s a lot to be said about “Tell Me Anything (Turn to Gold)”, the latest music video from Chuck Prophet. However, any description is best left up to the man himself, who goes into great and humorous detail about the video with PopMatters, saying, “I’ve been a longtime fan of Steve Hanft. Steve is a legend, tirelessly creative, with a sideways vision of the world, and is probably best known for directing early Beck videos. His videos are always inventive and devoid of bells and whistles. He’s a punk rock auteur.

“Through a mutual friend we met up when I was in southern California visiting family and catching some waves. We got together at Cantor’s Deli on the day after Christmas, and bonded over surfing. All the while Steve watched me eat a pastrami sandwich as big as my head. When we got up to leave, he said, ‘So what do you want your video to be?’

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