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by Brice Ezell

10 Jun 2015

In the press materials for their new LP, Giant, the Salt Lake City, Utah group L’Anarchiste explain that the music was “written in the foothills of Salt Lake City in the trees on a hammock by a creek”. When watching the video to the Giant track “Samundar”, though, such an idyllic, pastoral description comes off as a little odd—if not funny. Although the song does feature a banjo, as good an instrument to play while relaxing in a hammock as ever there was, it’s far from the Americana fold. Musically, the song is tough to pin an easy description on—which makes it all the more appealing. Visually, “Samundar” takes the music up another notch with an arresting series of dances, as you can view in the video below. In an age where indie rock groups, even those claiming to be “experimental”, typically fall into the rote, boilerplate moves that have been done countless times before, hearing a band like L’Anarchiste craft such intriguing sonic landscapes is quite refreshing.

by Sarah Zupko

9 Jun 2015

Meanwhile, the video for “Piss Off” also releases today and it’s a herky-jerky pop tune that recalls XTC at some of their most splendid pop absurdity. The video also features gorgeous animation with a storyline based on a kung fu adventure and was directed by Rob Chandler.

by PopMatters Staff

8 Jun 2015

Today, the band premieres their new video for the single “Don’t Wanna Fight”. This is renowned photographer Danny Clinch’s first of four planned Alabama Shakes videos that he is directing. Opting for a naturalistic style that perfectly suits a band rooted in soul, the Shakes perform live in one of the world’s class record studios, Capitol Records’ legendary Studio A.

by Brice Ezell

4 Jun 2015

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth has a long history of bleak adaptations, including the 1971 film version, directed by Roman Polanski. Up-and-coming director Justin Kurzel, who is also tapped to direct the Assassin’s Creed movie, has helmed up a new cinematic edition of “the Scottish play”, with Michael Fassbender as the titular bloodthirsty ruler and Marion Cotillard as the enigmatic Lady Macbeth.

by Brice Ezell

4 Jun 2015

When I reviewed the debut LP by the Derbyshire trio Haiku Salut, Tricolore, for PopMatters back in 2013, I wrote, “A strong sense of nuance and sensibility of composition is very much alive in this trio, and this record captures a truly creative—and still young—group that’s bound to go places from here.” Two years later, with their sophomore outing Etch and Etch Deep, my initial prediction remains true. The three women of Haiku Salut—Louise, Sophie, and Gemma—remain captivating instrumental landscapers on their new LP.

Take the tune “Bleak and Beautiful (All Things)”, the new video of which you can view exclusively below. On the track, the trio brings together a post-rock aesthetic similar to fellow Brits Maybeshewill and a well-placed, whimsical waltz section into one pensive, melancholy whole. Video director James Michael Machin matches the song’s visual richness with a complementary set of images; however, it’s a testament to Haiku Salut’s musical ability that images like Machin’s come to mind even without the video backing the song. Still, the video to “Bleak and Beautiful (All Things)” is a fine capture of what it is that makes this trio so charming, and a perfect lead-in to the vividly coloured sonic canvas that is Etch and Etch Deep.

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