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by PopMatters Staff

25 May 2017

Mike Schiller: It’s just two verses and a hook, but these verses kill. Vince Staples hasn’t been around long but his mastery of meter, rhythm, and wordplay is in full effect throughout “Big Fish”, which says its piece and leaves us wanting more. It sounds like it’s a tale of self-aggrandizement thanks to its hook, but the lyrics are another tale of the difficulty and conflicts of interest that came with the gang affiliations of his youth (not to mention the literal sinking ship of the video). “Big Fish” is a fine way to lead into his new album. [9/10]

by Sarah Zupko

24 May 2017

Nashville’s *repeat repeat have an amazing sound that’s rooted in garage rock and psychedelic rock, but possesses the energy and attitude of punk alongside some killer harmony singing that artists in Nashville do better than anyone else. The band’s sound is urgent with slashing guitars, waves of synths, yet beautifully melded to a hazy, sunny Calfornia vibe. They are describing themselves as a “surf rockcandy trio”, but their sound is a lot broader than that to my ears. I hear a significant way forward for the guitar and rock music, which have been maligned of late as things of the past. *repeat repeat’s stunning guitar work powers the rhythms and beats, but it also colors each passage and creates multiple voices in the music. The way the guitar effortlessly blends with the electronic elements in the song “Plugged In” that we’re premiering today, is impressive.

by Sarah Zupko

24 May 2017

Last year when we reviewed St. Lenox‘s most recent album Ten Hymns From My American Gothic, John Paul said the record was “nothing short of a 21st-century pop masterpiece”. The album also appeared on our best albums of 2016 list. Now St. Lenox has an exciting new project on tap as he is bundling this album with his previous LP Ten Songs About Memory and Hope into a single audio collection as well as releasing a visual album for Ten Hymns From My American Gothic. Each song from St. Lenox’s last album now has an accompanying video and Andrew Choi (a.k.a. St. Lenox) says it is the first individually-made DIY visual album with him creating, playing and recording the music as well as directing the videos. It’s an ambitious and worthy project that could set the stage for more artists to develop these sort of projects given that we now live in a video-driven world.

by Cole Waterman

24 May 2017

On hiatus for the last few years, Detroit post-punk purveyors FUR are resurging with a new album. Heralding its release is an ominous video for lead single “Mein”, heavy on the chilly visualizations simulating their sound.

by Sarah Zupko

23 May 2017

Sweden’s REIN (known in “real” life as Joanna Reinikainen) worries a lot about society’s largest problems, including the return of fascism in the Western world, the continual denigration of women’s rights, and income inequality. We should all be worried about these issues and REIN brings them front and center in her righteous brand of electropunk. REIN’s latest single is “Democracy” and it’s a banger that hits the nail right on the head, calling out those billionaire business figures that control 85% of the world’s wealth. Accompanied by footage of protests from around the world, the video for “Democracy” is powerful and moving as REIN questions whether those of us in so-called First World democracies are actually experiencing anything like real democracy.

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Slowdive Sell Out Brooklyn and Release Bonus Song "30th June"

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"Although sound issues delayed their set on the second night, Slowdive put on an unforgettable show in Brooklyn, or rather two shows.

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