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by Brian Crecente / Tribune News Service (TNS)

26 Mar 2015

As video games continue to soak into all aspects of modern society, often eyes are on how some form of gaming is become a sort of high culture: interesting, sometimes bizarre, often provocative interactions that delve into things like post-traumatic stress disorder, amputation and food as intelligent beings.

But the continued metamorphosis of gaming has a much more mundane side as well.

by Brian Crecente / Tribune News Service (TNS)

11 Feb 2015

Photo: Jo Simoes from

His first career, kicked off by a UFO sighting in Greece in 1997, was running a popular ghost-hunting show in Europe.

Nicolas Augusto co-starred in “Research, Investigation, Paranormal” in France for five years, shooting 52 episodes that had him and his team of five visiting haunted locations around Europe, including Dracula’s castle.

The 35-year-old said he became obsessed with the paranormal after seeing a strange floating object while on a trip in Greece. He started reading up on the topic, visiting places where there were sightings of not just UFOs, but also ghosts.

by Brian Crecente / Tribune News Service (TNS)

19 Nov 2014

The video game industry’s most exciting story this generation can’t be found in the likes of The Last of Us, Halo 5 or the latest Call of Duty.

The most compelling narrative to arise out of this new crop of consoles isn’t coming from any video game, it’s the Xbox One’s Miltonian fall from grace and its attempt at redemption.

If the Xbox One’s launch were a movie, it would fit very neatly into a three-act structure, and we would be witnessing right now the console’s final, biggest moment of crisis. What happens next in the launch’s third act seems to rest entirely with the new(ish) head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

by Brian Crecente / McClatchy-Tribune News Service (MCT)

29 Oct 2014

Despite what I’m told repeatedly, heart attacks are likely not going to be caused by this latest experiment with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

But that doesn’t make a foray into immersive horror film creation any less tantalizing.

If backed through crowdfunding, Hell Mountain will be the world’s first feature-length horror movie that can be watched from inside the film with the Oculus Rift.

by Brian Crecente (McClatchy-Tribune News Service)

30 Sep 2014

Despite the soaring plaudits from professional technophiles, despite the growing support from the video game industry, the latest run at mainstreaming wearable virtual reality is doomed to be a commercial failure.

Yes, the Oculus Rift has reignited an interest in virtual reality goggles not seen in decades. And yes, the company behind the technology was purchased by Facebook for billions.

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