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by G. Christopher Williams

24 Nov 2014

Yes, I know the image above is one of Clementine at the beginning of this season of The Walking Dead. However, this is the episode in which it all comes back to that moment in which Clementine ponders her past and then considers her future.

The final episode of Season Two allows the player to finally decide who they want their Clementine to be by offering multiple paths to conclude this episode. This week we each discuss the Clementine that we have decided will resolve this season of The Walking Dead.

by G. Christopher Williams

10 Nov 2014

This week we confront the penultimate episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two in which our erstwhile band of survivors narrows down to the remaining few that will make their way into the finale.

Set against the backdrop of a museum dedicated to the Civil War, Clementine and her companions experience their own house dividing.

by G. Christopher Williams

27 Oct 2014

One Late Night (Black Curtain Studio, 2013)

October is the month that traditionally big publishers have attempted to get something horrific out on the shelves for gamers to play (see, for example, offerings like this year’s Alien: Isolation or The Evil Within.

This year in anticipation of Halloween, we decided to take a look at a few games that currently have no publishers attached to them that may have flown under your radar, The Cursed Forest and One Late Night.

by G. Christopher Williams

13 Oct 2014

The hardboiled detective genre is not known for its subtlety or complication. A good hardboiled tale simply hits you like a right to the jaw.

This week we discuss how Gunpoint presents a hardboiled fiction through simple, straightforward puzzle mechanics and with surprisingly little gunplay.

by G. Christopher Williams

29 Sep 2014

The mystery of The Wolf Among Us has concluded with an interest in exploring the consequences of crime and its effects on a community.

This week, then, we discuss the politics and justice of a fairy tale world that manages to present these issues in a manner more familiar to us than fantastic.

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