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by G. Christopher Williams

4 Mar 2013

With a holiday season stuffed with sequels, it was nice to see a new IP arrive alongside other AAA releases.

The development team behind Dishonored has an impressive pedigree. The game offers a fresh take on stealth mechanics and character building, as well as a fairly fresh looking universe to play in. This episode, though, we consider if Dishonored has a soul?

by G. Christopher Williams

18 Feb 2013

This week Nick, Jorge, and I revisit one of the bigger holiday releases of 2012, Assassin’s Creed 3, the conclusion of the game’s first story arc and the introduction of an assassin that we aren’t quite sure that we’ve figured out.

With Assassin’s Creed 3, Ubisoft presents their vision of an American Revolution.  But is the fifth time out all that revolutionary?

by G. Christopher Williams

4 Feb 2013

Hotline Miami -- Calm After the Storm by
Tom Gurka (Dribbble, 2012)

One of the more interesting indie titles of 2012 is the often unsettling, but often equally alluring and lurid Hotline Miami.

Does the game have anything to say about video game violence or does it just allow us to further exercise our own grossest tendencies?

by G. Christopher Williams

21 Jan 2013

This week Moving Pixels Podcast gets together to discuss our best gaming experiences of 2012.

We decided that we would not allow anyone to repeat any picks from anyone else’s lists, so there may be a few inclusions that surprise you.

by G. Christopher Williams

7 Jan 2013

One of the best (if not the best) game of 2012 wrapped up its final episode late last year.  The Moving Pixels podcast crew is on hand to discuss the decisions and consequences of a game that challenges our sensibilities and those things we find most valuable in human life, despite the presence of the walking dead.

Of, course, spoilers abound.

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