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by G. Christopher Williams

23 Aug 2010

Like last week, the Moving Pixels podcast crew is focusing on a broader topic in gaming for the week, co-operative gameplay. 

Our regular contributors, G. Christopher Williams, Nick Dinicola, and Thomas Cross, discuss varying kinds of co-op style play from the living room to the arcade to multiplayer online and the kinds of dynamics that these experiences create among players.

by G. Christopher Williams

16 Aug 2010

We have been focusing on discussions of individual games for a number of weeks. This week we decided to consider some broader interests in games once again. In this case, we decided to talk about how character customization effects our experience of a game world.

As a result, our discussion considers how initial character creation as well as ways of modifying characters, like buying clothing in a game world, affects our sense of the characters that we inhabit when we play games.

by G. Christopher Williams

9 Aug 2010

Well, if you have been following the Multimedia section of the site for the past few weeks (and if you haven’t there are links below), you know that quite a few of our regular contributors have had a lot to say about Playdead’s Limbo (and we aren’t alone on the Internet).  Having had our chance to have our say individually, the Moving Pixels podcast crew decided to hash out our thinking about the game collectively.

The resulting discussion considers the significance of the game from an artistic perspective, what we feel it gets right and gets wrong, and generally gets lost in the shadows and ambiguities of the game’s haunting, little world.

by G. Christopher Williams

2 Aug 2010

Following up on our podcast from last month on “The World of Max Payne, our regular podcast contributors take a look at the less successful but critically acclaimed sequel to the 2001 game, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and consider the evolution of Remedy Entertainment’s approach to world building (culminating in their most recent release, Alan Wake).

We also discuss the evolution of the character Max Payne and the gameplay mechanisms that surround him.  We also consider how a playable Mona Sax changes our sense of the series and whether Max (and the player) legitimately falls for her.

by Rick Dakan

26 Jul 2010

This week we have a special interview for you. We’ll be doing more interviews as time goes on, talking with people who’re not just gamers, but people who’ve been genuinely moved by their love of games.

Holly Conrad is a costume designer and an avid gamer. And by costume designer, I mean sculptor, engineer, seamstress, and designer. She recently became a minor internet celebrity with her audition video for a Joss Whedon produced documentary about Comic Con, in which she showed off the impressive set of Mass Effect 2 costumes that she’s been creating.

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