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by Sachyn Mital

9 Apr 2015

Fresh off her Tony award winning role as Yitzhak in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, Lena Hall can now be found performing (through April 18th) cabaret style at the Café Carlyle. The venue’s producers allowed her to have free reign over her selections which allowed her to sing the songs she wanted to sing because they touched or inspired her as her backing band, Watt White on guitar, John Deley on keys, Lee Nadel on bass and her future brother-in-law Brian Fishler on drums, supported her. Her seventy minute set was fun and varied, with a bunch of the newer material probably going over the heads of some older folks in the crowd. She joked, “I’m doing very appropriate songs for this room. But you know, I’m Lena Hall so, I do what I want.” to audience applause and laughter.

by Sachyn Mital

8 Apr 2015

I’ve seen the Indiana four-piece Houndmouth four times in about two years and, over that period, they have put out their two albums, 2013’s debut From the Hills Below the City which features their breakout single “Penitentiary” and their latest, Little Neon Limelight, which features the single “Sedona”. Every time I’ve seen them, the band has put on a fun, loose show that is made all the more engaging because each member of the band, guitarist Matt Myers, bassist Zak Appleby, keyboardist Katie Toupin and drummer Shane Cody, has a genuine grin spread across his or her face as they mix up instruments and sing in harmony.

by Sachyn Mital

6 Apr 2015

It’s hard to believe that the Alt-J boys went from playing the tiny Mercury Lounge to the vast arena of Madison Square Garden in just three years of playing gigs in New York. Certainly a Mercury Prize win didn’t hurt. The English lads had recently played at the Beacon Theater but New Yorkers’ demand wasn’t satiated, as their sold-out gig can attest to. While in town, Alt-J also appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform “Every Other Freckle” off their second album, 2014’s This is All Yours. Lead singer Joe Newman and his bandmates, Thom Green, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Cameron Knight led the audience through multiple sing-alongs, like on fan favorites “Tessellate”. While the band didn’t provide a dramatic performance, the alternating moody smoke that enveloped them in the darkness or the strong lights buoyed their distinct electronic sound throughout the night. Besides, the crowd didn’t need action on stage as they didn’t shy from dancing or singing along and making the night their own. The set didn’t last more than 80 minutes but it covered a lot of both their albums, ending with “Breezeblocks” from their debut An Awesome Wave.

by Greg M. Schwartz

2 Apr 2015

It had been a long time coming for some San Diego music fans: a rock ‘n’ roll show in a spacious venue in the city’s hippest neighborhood. The city has sadly been venue-challenged for years. Most shows either take place 25 miles up the coast at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, downtown at the cramped House of Blues with its poor acoustics and non-fan-friendly policies, or at tiny clubs like the Casbah or Soda Bar that can barely handle 100 people. But now, the North Park Observatory seemed poised to save the day and just in time for a Saturday night show with San Francisco rocker Jackie Greene.

by Anthony Merino

31 Mar 2015

There is an innate duality to being human; It is the basis of Freud’s id and ego, Plato’s being and form, and Aquinas’s body and soul. All of these dichotomies fit under of a large umbrella of the sacred and the base. The best works in Teresita Fernández’s As Above So Below, recently on display at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA), evokes this sense. The artist displays haunting landscapes which turn into evocative metaphors of the human condition. The exhibition includes three separate installations, whose works do not engage on the same visceral level as the paintings.

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