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by Harlem Shakes

15 Feb 2007

Harlem Shakes w/ Deerhoof
Diary #3

We’re now four days into tour—four shows, four cities, four venues, and what feels like a thousand hours in Thevandra. A pattern is
developing. First, we drive all day:

Then, we arrive at a venue, load equipment into the club, soundcheck (if time and tattooed men permit), and find food.  Then, we play our set:

by Harlem Shakes

14 Feb 2007

Harlem Shakes w/ Deerhoof
Diary #2

On Tuesday, North Carolina—land of Blackbeard, Michael Jordan, and prose-master Allan Gurganus—welcomed us with open arms. After a satisfying set at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, we said goodbye to our bearded, Ashkenazi guardian angel, Jon Natchez from the band Beirut, who had been playing bari sax, French horn, and flute for us. After the show, our friend Daniel from 8088 Record Collective kindly lent us his floor.

We met his neurotic timberwolf, Treebeard. Daniel told us: “I swear, the wolf is more afraid of you than you are of it!”  We tried to tell the animal, “dude, you’re the wolf here, we should be afraid of you—in fact, we’re totally goddamn terrified of you! Oh my god! Oh Jesus Christ! It’s a wolf!!”

by Harlem Shakes

12 Feb 2007

Harlem Shakes Tour Diary, Entry #1

Hey there. Not too long ago, we received word that we, Harlem Shakes, would be going on our very first tour with one of favorite-ever bands, Deerhoof. Since then, we have been on a 24/7 giggle binge, smiling and rambling to our friends like drug addicts pre-death, or maybe leprechauns post-mischief.

Todd (guitar) got a tattoo and Lexy (vocals) had a relapse of mononucleosis, but on Sunday February 11th, we set out in our van that we have named “Thevandra Vanhard,” to our nation’s capital, and played at a beautiful venue called the Black Cat. A nice, Black Cat-affiliated fellow named Matt helped us with our equipment, which was funny because usually people treat us with shoe-spitting disgust.

Then we watched Deerhoof soundcheck. In truth, we would have driven to DC just to see them. Instead, we opened for them. We also set up our very first merch table (up until now, we’ve never even had a CD or anything, and now we not only have CDs, but also pins and tee-shirts… like the Stones!). We played well, and met nice people afterwards, kind and attractive DCiopians. We went away from the evening feeling like the luckiest musicians since Duncan Sheik. Tour is awesome! More to come, including pictures, on Wednesday. Goodbye for now internet.


by Jennifer O’Connor

30 Nov 2006

Jennifer O’Connor Tour Diary, Entry #4
Friday, December 1, 2006

I’ve been home from the Portastatic and Mountain Goats tours for about 2 weeks now, and I never did tell you how the rest of the tour went.  I’m sorry.

When I left off we were on our way to Austin.  The Austin show was really great, but even more importantly, we ate BBQ the afternoon after we played with Sally Crewe.

by Jennifer O'Connor

1 Nov 2006

Jennifer O’Connor Tour Diary, Entry #3
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hello! It’s been almost a week since my last confession. We left off in Missouri, I believe, where we played the Randy Bacon Gallery. They were super sweet there and I especially liked the poster display outside the club on the sandwich board:

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