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by Sachyn Mital

19 Nov 2013

The Village Voice in New York may have been cutting their writers/staff earlier this year, but they aren’t afraid to tack on a new culinary event on the New York scene. Following in the foot steps of their ‘Choice Eats’ food event and their beer-themed ‘Brooklyn Pour’, the Voice will introduce ‘Holiday Spirits’ to Queens at Studio Square on December 5th, “the 80th anniversary of the day that ended the Prohibition era”.

by David Reyneke

20 Aug 2013

NYC Beer Week doesn’t come around again until 2014, but that doesn’t mean the New York City Brewers Guild hasn’t already started getting ready for the festivities. To kick off fundraising for next year’s week filled with fine brews from around the world, the Brewers Guild will be throwing a Block Party at The Well in Brooklyn on August 25.

While a number of notable beer festivals in the area have gone for quantity, the Brewers Guild has decided to take a different approach. Inviting only 25 of the finest breweries from both the local New York scene and across the country, this year’s Block Party is set to feature some rare and exquisite offerings that you won’t be able to find just anywhere.

by David Reyneke

2 Aug 2013

Let’s start with the music, which was provided by the good folks at Blue Note. With three excellent bands spread throughout the venue, the main stage was kicked off by pianist Joe Alterman and his trio. It was the perfect way to set the mood for the event, as patrons paced the main floor checking out some fine offerings from the likes of Blue Point, Bronx Brewing, Kuka, and more. Following Alterman was the lively High & Mighty Brass Band, which had the crowd dancing and cheering throughout the set.

by David Reyneke

24 Jun 2013

Last weekend marked the latest installment of SAVOR, the country’s ultimate beer and food pairing arena. Taking to New York City this year, the Brewers Association made sure to solidify their most memorable event yet. Enlisting over 70 of America’s finest breweries, SAVOR was met with unique and innovative beers, matched with equally inventive finger foods.

When tackling a beer festival, it is key to prepare accordingly. There was a ton of ground to cover Friday night, and with a liberal two ounce pour, it was a challenge to experience some of the more hyped beers, as well as discover some of the newcomers and hidden gems.

by David Reyneke

20 Mar 2013

Last winter’s NYC Craft Beer Festival proved to be an event filled with wholesome food and warming brews. But as the warmer months roll around, it is time to think about spring seasonals. Thanks to the folks behind NYC’s Craft Beer Festival Winter Harvest, March presents itself with a fine opportunity to sample some of the finest spring offerings from a rather impressive collection of the finest breweries. With that, look out for the Spring Seasonal Festival, which goes down on March 30 at Lexington Armory in New York City.

For those not as well-accustomed to the styles of beer that become available once the flowers start to bloom, here is a brief review of what you should expect. While there will certainly be a plethora of standard styles like IPAs and blonde ales, expect to see some imported greats like the delicate yet spicy Belgian-style saison, or the German spring seasonal, bock. Many of the breweries present at this year’s festival will be domestic, though, so be on the lookout for some varying interpretations of these classic styles.

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