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by Drew Fortune

23 Aug 2010

As the unofficial leader of the Broken Social Scene collective, Drew has a lot of weight on his shoulders. After a four and a half year “hiatus” in which individual BSS members explored semi solo projects in the Broken Social Scene Presents series (Drew released the Spirit If album and bassist/mulit instrumentalist Brendan Canning the Something for All of Us album) Broken Social Scene emerged rejuvenated with the Forgiveness Rock Record in early 2010. As always, Kevin Drew is an energetic and magnetic frontman, and with Forgiveness Rock Record, the band proves that they are gracefully moving into the next chapter of their career as vital, elder statesmen and women in a crowded indie rock scene.

by Jane Jansen Seymour

1 Jun 2010

When Michael Fitzpatrick’s friends started calling him Fitz to differentiate between other Michaels, how did they know it would make a killer name for a front man with a band rejuvenating a retro sound? Fitz & The Tantrums (FATT) played at Mercury Lounge on May 28th before hitting DC and Philly over the holiday weekend. I sat down with the guy who started it all through the acquisition of an old organ from a fire sale (using a tip by an ex-girlfriend of all things, very fitting).  The band opened with the first song written on the instrument, “Breakin the Chains of Love” with a fast and furious tempo that immediately rocked the packed space.  There were calls for audience participation throughout the set, from shout outs, getting low to jump on cue and even a “Hi Mom and Dad” for Fitz’s parents in the audience. Two encores were offered to the adoring crowd, ending with “We Don’t Need No Love Songs” —from you Fitz, oh yes we do.

by Robin E. Cook

12 May 2010

April Smith’s dad was a rock and roller; April, meanwhile, blends modern and classic pop for a sound she describes as a cross between the Beatles and the Andrews sisters. PopMatters talked to her about her favorite classic songwriters and her dad’s records.

by Robin E. Cook

29 Apr 2010

Believe it or not, Kill Rock Stars is coming up on its 20th anniversary next year. Once the home to Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and Elliott Smith, KRS continues to foster amazing artists like Marnie Stern, Deerhoof, and the Decembrists. PopMatters spoke to KRS’s Portia Sabin and Maggie Vail about feminism and the future of independent music.

by Robin E. Cook

14 Apr 2010

New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus put on a ferocious set at the Beauty Bar on Thursday night. The next afternoon, they unwound at Lustre Pearl and talked about their beginnings, their influences, and the joys of being a Jersey band.

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