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by tjmHolden

17 Mar 2011

It started without any pretense or clear definition on Friday, March 11th, with this post:

Chris Doran created the group

A week later, Friday, March 18th, 2 a.m., and the group now has 654 posts. It also has a name:


and a description:

Euan Millar THIS GROUP WAS SET UP TO LINK PEOPLE TO MISSING PEOPLE. It is run by English teachers who work, or used to work, in Sendai and Miyagi. ALL MEMBERS please check locations of missing and provide as much information as you can. First names, Last names, Location (address if possible), link to an image uploaded to your Facebook photos of the missing person. We will do our best with what we have, but the more info you offer, the better.

by tjmHolden

24 Jan 2010


Today is the NFL’s Final Four, The Super Bowl play-in day. Watching CBS (before it was blocked on the web), I noted that The Who is getting prominent billing as the final game’s halftime act. Last year, prior to Springsteen’s bow on The Super Bowl stage, I asked PM readers to weigh in with their preferences for The Boss’s playlist. With Bruce favoring his newer stuff, no one’s wishes came close to Springsteen’s reality. I wonder how we all might do this time around?

To that end, I’ve put together the poll below. If you want to offer up your opinion, you can pick up to 5 songs you’d like to hear from the list I’ve prepared. And, if you don’t see a song up there (Acid Queen? Boris the Spider?, Squeeze Box? Eminence Front?) feel free to punch in “Other” and make your selection in the Comment Box below. On game day I will review the results and compare it to the band’s actual set.

In terms of what actually will be played, I have learned from a buddy of mine, who is both a confidant of the band and has a sibling who works for the league, that the NFL put in a pretty definitive request to the band. Unlike a number of groups in the past, there has been very little resistance from the performers; The Who is pretty much down with what has been suggested by the league. So, if you look at it through the NFL’s eyes, rather than the creative’s, maybe you’ll have an inkling of what we will actually end up hearing.

For now, though, let’s go with what you’d most like to hear . . .

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