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Alternative titles: Night of the Iguana-Like Thing

Another great Toho monster, this one with spikes and wings (sort of).
Better-than-usual model work and effects.
Atmospheric, King Kong-esque “lost valley” sequence sets things up well.
Pretty good acting.

Alternative title: Heart of Glass

Tight, quickly-pacd noir thriller.
Good performances and little melodrama.
Cool special effects.
There’s a hamster.
Everybody’s double-crossing everyone else (except the hamster, and I’m not totally sure about him).

Alternative title: Mars Needs Japanese Women

Gigantic robot armadillo thing from space!.
Gigantic robot armadillo thing from space shoots pulsar destructo-beams!
Twists and turns and double- (and triple-) crosses.
Nifty, “Now what?” ending.

Alernative titles: Get the Raid; Ants in My Pants


Terrific opening scene, with nicely understated cops and little girl.

Atmospheric sequences in New Mexico—spooky Joshua Tree landscape.

Sense of impending doom throughout.

Claustrophobic underground scenes in New Mexico and L.A.

Nice performances by James Whitmore and a fine ensemble cast.

A rare film that manages to effectively use child actors (!)

Alternative titles: Nymphos From Space; Women Are From Mars, Men Are Stuck Here on Earth Wondering What the Hell Is Going On 


Starts with a bang (unexplained for the rest of the movie).

Multiple plotlines involving alien nymphos, ex-cons, wee bonny lads, forbidden love, sophisticated models, drunken Scotsmen, killer robots and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Devil girl looks like illicit offspring of Darth Vader and Mr. Spock. And she does that raised-eyebrow thing that kills me.

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