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by David Maine

14 Aug 2014

Alternative titles: Steve McQueen’s Blaze of Glory; The Young and the Boneless

by David Maine

6 Aug 2014

Alternative titles: Montezuma’s Other Revenge; Hey, Does This Look Infected?

by David Maine

21 Nov 2013

Alternate titles: The Eyes Have It; The Creeping Cleavage

* Well acted, with good scenery in the Swiss Alps.
* Great first scene involving three mountain climbers (who soon become two mountain climbers).
* “Hero” Forrest Tucker isn’t a studly 20-something but a fortyish accountant type with a receding hairline.
* Spacey Janet Munro looks like she’s lost her contact lenses.
* Good climactic scenes with icky-looking plastic eyeball monsters doused in kerosene and set on fire.

by David Maine

31 Oct 2013

Alternative titles: A Passage From India; The Furry Elephant Man

* The only 1950s movie to feature prehistoric mammals, not dinosaurs.
* It’s in India!
* Sepia tone has that “Raj” feel to it.
* Cesar Romero leads a capable cast through silly material.

by David Maine

17 Oct 2013

Alternative title: The Invasion of This Earthly Island by the Body Snatching Things from Another World

* Superior special effects and good performances.
* Cool spaceship design and alien point-of-view shots.
* Quick start.
* Effective use of southwest setting anticipates films like Them! and Kronos.
* Aliens leave glitter trails!

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