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by David Maine

15 Aug 2013

Alternative titles: Run Silent, Run Deep, Run Around in Circles; It’s Not Just a Blob, It’s an Adventure


Starts briskly, maintains a crisp pace throughout.

Plenty of fun-but-cheesy model work and underwater effects.

Layers of mystery—shipwrecks, feuds, frogmen—are piled on.

Surprisingly little stock footage used.

Some attempt to introduce ideas about duty, peace, war and courage that fall outside the mainstream for most monster-mashes.

by David Maine

8 Aug 2013

Alternative titles: Vampire Carrots from the Unknown; The Best Movie of the Decade (Maybe).

* Well-paced, intelligent thriller.
* Terrific dialogue with plenty of snappy banter.
* Isolated Artic locale, complete with sled dogs.
* Science vs. military vs. journalism tension throughout.
* Good suspense and action sequences.

by David Maine

18 Jul 2013

Alternative titles: There are none. Really. Can you think of anything better?

* First line in the movie is: “I am Mother Nature”.
* Jaw-droppingly poor acting and plenty of Freudian snake imagery.
* Insightful exploration of gender roles and stereotyping. Nah, not really.
* Dance of sacrifice to the dragon god!.
* Well, it is a tropical paradise.

by David Maine

11 Jul 2013

Alternative title: Look What They Done to My Head, Ma

* Some unexpected plot twists make for entertaining viewing.
* Monster gets more screen time than in the original.
* Somehow, even though you know what’s coming, it’s still kind of creepy.
* Good noir elements.

by David Maine

27 Jun 2013

Alternative title: My (Liquid) Dinner with Andre

* Great moody murky shadows and noir-esque drama.
* You know the story already but it’s still unnerving.
* Low body count/mayhem factor is offset by escalating tension and genuine creepiness.
* Almost-the-last minute is the greatest horror-movie scene of all time (and there’s really no room for argument here, sorry).
* It will all probably happen someday.

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