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by David Maine

9 May 2013

Alternative titles: The Island of Dr Girard; The Scientists Are Revolting!


Helpful “warning” tells you to close your eyes when you hear the bell.

Atmospheric location shooting in the Philippines.

Nifty POV camera work & inventive angles throughout.

Solid no-nonsense performances.

by David Maine

3 May 2013

Alternative title: Walk Like an Egyptian


Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are back again in Hammer remake.

Ancient Egyptian outfits were just too cool.

The Mummy is, as a monster concept, pleasantly bizarre. Think about it.

Colorful support from talented cast of Brit character actors.

Slow start gives way to energetic conclusion.

by David Maine

2 May 2013

Alternative titles: Plan 10 From Outer Space; Attack of the Badly-Suited Zombies

Good performances from solid B-list cast, though John Carradine is underutilized.

Cool “invisible cross-country skiing” effects.

Clever use of newsreel footage suggests worldwide catastrophe.

Nifty anti-nukes subtext.

Inventive way of capturing and studying aliens.

by David Maine

18 Apr 2013

Alternative titles: It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and Roger Feels Fine); The Day After the Day After.


Starts with a bang, literally, and ends with a great onscreen caption.

Claustrophobic and surprisingly tense character study.

Cult director Roger Corman does a lot on a tight budget.

Shadowy hints of monster effectively build suspense.

by David Maine

11 Apr 2013

Alternative titles: Invasion of the Bee Girl; Me So Hornet

Campy movie benefits from straight-faced performances.

Interesting subtext re: societal pressures on women to look “young”.

Straight-talkin’ receptionists provide fun change of pace.

Old-to-young metamorphosis is startling without being overdone.

Good pace once it gets going, but…

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