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by David Maine

4 Apr 2013

Alternative titles: One Lost Movie; Attack of the Pirates/Giant Lizards/Cattle Rustlers/Annoying Little Kid


Weirdness is almost European in its postmodern blend of sea adventure, cowboy romance, costume drama and very large lizards.

Helpful narrator ensures you don’t miss any of the “action”.

At just 61 minutes, nothing bad lasts too long.

by David Maine

28 Mar 2013

Alternative titles: Say Yer Prayers; The Manly Dentist

A praying mantis is so cool—and it’s the only insect that can turn its head on its neck, like you or me! (True fact).

Monster effects are generally okay, though fleeting.

At least there’s no little kid.

by David Maine

21 Mar 2013

Alternative title: Earth Girls Are Easy


A camp-filled fun fest.

Good pace throughout; hefty 85-minute runtime rarely flags.

Exposition-filled beginning and good surprise at the end.

Surprisingly high body count.

Alien monster thing is a lobster. No shit, a lobster.

by David Maine

14 Mar 2013

Alternative titles: The Snake Gets All the Lines


Offbeat story.

Interpretive dance as only those colorful Asians can do it!

Snake-point-of-view shots add a degree of warped charm.

by David Maine

7 Mar 2013

Alternative titles: Where Have All the People Gone?; Defensive Linemen from Hell


Cracking good start.

Sense of unease and tension effectively conveyed in first half.

Character “revelations” in latter half of the movie are fairly well done.

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