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Alternative titles: Steve McQueen’s Blaze of Glory; The Young and the Boneless

Alternative titles: Montezuma’s Other Revenge; Hey, Does This Look Infected?

Alternate titles: The Eyes Have It; The Creeping Cleavage

* Well acted, with good scenery in the Swiss Alps.
* Great first scene involving three mountain climbers (who soon become two mountain climbers).
* “Hero” Forrest Tucker isn’t a studly 20-something but a fortyish accountant type with a receding hairline.
* Spacey Janet Munro looks like she’s lost her contact lenses.
* Good climactic scenes with icky-looking plastic eyeball monsters doused in kerosene and set on fire.

Alternative titles: A Passage From India; The Furry Elephant Man

* The only 1950s movie to feature prehistoric mammals, not dinosaurs.
* It’s in India!
* Sepia tone has that “Raj” feel to it.
* Cesar Romero leads a capable cast through silly material.

Alternative title: The Invasion of This Earthly Island by the Body Snatching Things from Another World

* Superior special effects and good performances.
* Cool spaceship design and alien point-of-view shots.
* Quick start.
* Effective use of southwest setting anticipates films like Them! and Kronos.
* Aliens leave glitter trails!


Is Black Widow Still a Hero? Dissecting the Misogynistic Outrage Against the Avengers

// Short Ends and Leader

"Black Widow may very well be the pinnacle of the modern action heroine, so why is there so much backlash about her role in the new Avengers film?

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