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Alternative title: Attack of the Things That Don’t Look Very Much Like Leeches of Any Size

* Sassy blonde hillbilly she-cat in revealing outfits!
* Movie’s victims are nasty otter poachers.
* Only 63 minutes long.

Alternative title: I Dismember Mama.

+ Mayhem starts early.
+ Philosophical Europeans lend that “profound” feel.
+ Things just get more and more twisted.
+ Lots of uneasy moments, creeping dread and a few real shocks.
+ One of direcor Roger Corman’s best from the ‘50s.

Alternate titles: Excuse me, Do You Have This Pink Lacy One in a 86-ZZZ?

Charismatic actors give scenery-chewing performances.
Much unintentionally funny dialogue.
Crisp 66 minutes keep moving right along.

Alternative titles: The Incredibly Dumb Creature with the One-Atom-Sized Brain; Gangster’s Pea-Brained Paradise

+ Great first scene.
+ Inventive premise.
+ Glow-in-the-dark fingerprints! Wish I had ‘em! (Hmm, maybe not).
+ Benji-type terrier has wires running out of its head.
+ Impressive scenes of mass destruction and weird zombie guys.

Alternative titles: Nature Vs. Nurture; The Thinking Person’s Monster Movie


It has Peter Cushing in it (and a good cast all around).

Good cinematography and location shooting.

Attempts to make human story and character as important as shock, unease and terror.

Excitement level ramps up in the last 30 minutes.

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