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by Bill Gibron

6 Feb 2013

A couple of weeks back, we acknowledged the wealth of rock documentaries out in the cinematic marketplace, even claiming that at least ten (and there will be more in the near future) warrant consideration as some of the artform’s best. We felt confident we’d made some wise choices, set up the parameters to excuse the lack of performance-oriented efforts, and expressed our desire to match director’s intent with final product. And what did we get for our attempt? What happened when we unleashed our chosen few onto the Messageboard masses? Well, let’s just say that there was an equal balance between favorable responses and those who saw fit to point out our personal (and professional) flaws, selection wise. In essence, we were idiots.

by Bill Gibron

1 Feb 2013

There have always been prescient pairings in motion pictures. From Laurel and Hardy to Abbott and Costello, the Thin Man and his wife and/or King Kong vs. Godzilla, twosomes tend to dominate the co-star conundrum. Extrapolate it out to three (as in Stooges) or four (as in Marx Brothers) and you still can find the value in numbers. When Hope and Crosby hit the various roads of their many movie adventures, it wasn’t the storyline that kept audiences in stitches. Instead, the setting was merely a mandatory backdrop for the clever cut ups to do what they do best. The same could be said for the current variation on the theme - the buddy movie. From mismatched cops to diametrically opposed lovers, the concept of putting contradictory individuals together to “see what happens” has long been a staple of the cinematic storehouse.

by Ted Pillow

29 Jan 2013

Now that we’ve finally finished compiling our Best of 2012 lists, it’s time to dive headfirst into 2013. Remember, folks – silent introspection leads only to guilt and shame, so it’s better to begin immediately diverting yourself with the next entertainment coming down the pike.

by Bill Gibron

24 Jan 2013

With its flash and power chord panache, rock and roll has always been ripe for cinematic exploration. From the fictional stories based in the medium to the concert films that find emotional epiphanies in the strangest of song couplets, music makes for memorable movies. There is just something universally unreal about someone—or group of someones—who can transform mere words and arranged notes into an anthem, a ballad, or the soundtrack of your life. Even more amazing are the backstories involved. Some of these people are barely passable as human. Instead, they are a surreal combination of person and performance, their onstage act meshed with this doubts and disconnects of their everyday existence to form that most mighty of myths—the rock god.

by Bill Gibron

15 Jan 2013

So what is an “almost” film and what part does it play in this, the final Year End evaluation from Short Ends and Leader? After all, we’ve already had a Best of, and a Worst. We’ve even explored the once fruitful realm of the Movies You’ve Never Heard Of. And within each category, we discussed other titles, films we would have included had the lists been more than a mere 10 choices long. So where does the “almost” movie fit in? How is it defined, and better still, why include another collection as part of a separate list? Well, every year, Hollywood waits until the last minute to unleash its award season specials on us suspecting critics, and every year we have to make a margin call when it comes to combined aesthetics. Sometimes, a movie fails to make the grade in one important category. Perhaps it just wasn’t “as good” as the other entries making up the final thumbs up/thumbs down tally.

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