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by Matt Mazur

12 Dec 2012

Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen in Django Unchained (2012)

#1. Samuel L. Jackson gives what might be his finest acting performance. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio just won the Best Supporting Actor award from the National Board of Review for playing Calvin Candie, the film’s major heavy, and while that is a terrific choice, the standout Supporting Actor performance from Django belongs to Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen.

Playing Calvin’s house slave henchman and de facto father figure, Jackson is equal part plotting, murderous and grotesque Uncle Remus caricature, part destroyed and hollowed old husk of a man. Stephen is a man who has had to learn how to survive an ugly world at any cost. Jackson plays him far beyond stereotype, riffing on racist character types throughout film history and then elevating the characterization with a bracing hint of menace, he provides an unexpected, dangerous twist at every turn and never goes in the direction you think he will.

by Matt Mazur

12 Dec 2012

Many critics are patronizingly dismissing Cloud Atlas as a noble failure, as though the film’s outrageously creative vision and tremendous ambition are somehow negative qualities. In fact, it is Cloud Atlas’s willingness and eagerness to push boundaries in every sense imaginable is precisely why it should be celebrated. Brimming with audaciousness and technical innovation Cloud Atlas is pure spectacle, sparking the imagination and exploring new cinematic possibilities.

by Jose Solis

11 Dec 2012

Ten Reasons Why Anna Karenina Should Be a Hit With Oscar:

1. It’s the epitome of awards bait: prestige cast and crew in an adaptation of a literary classic.

2. All of Joe Wright’s period movies have scored well with AMPAS members. Pride and Prejudice had a high awards profile and received nominations in key categories, while Atonement defied all expectations and got a Best Picture nomination in the tough to crack year that was 2007.

by Matt Mazur

11 Dec 2012

Sally Field gives buoyant, triumphant speeches during awards season, and there is no denying this. It makes you wonder if the anticipation of yet another joyous outpouring of emotion from Field onstage could be a factor that sways awards voters to tick off her name on their ballots this year. As Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Speilberg’s incredible biopic of one of the nation’s most legendary presidents, Field gives an utterly commanding performance packed with details that will likely earn her her third Academy Award nomination, and if the awards fates align justly, maybe even a deserved third win.

by Ben Travers

10 Dec 2012

There was one actor who absolutely burst onto the scene in 2012. He made more mainstream movies than anyone else in Hollywood and his films reaped the rewards of his newfound success, raking in hundreds of millions across the globe. The good-looking actor appeared on every magazine cover at the corner store and even popped up in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram feeds more than your friends. One actor made 2012 his year to be known, his year to be remembered forever.

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