Formulating 'The Hunger Games' Part 1: When Books Catch Fire

Formulating 'The Hunger Games' Part 1: When Books Catch Fire

By J.C. Macek III

26 Apr 2016 // 2:00 AM

Like The Hunger Games? There are a lot of similar books that you'll love. Think The Hunger Games stories are a rip off? Read on; the same applies. ...

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Kanye and Mingus: Gifted, Complicated and Proud of It

By Mark Reynolds

25 Apr 2016 // 2:00 AM

Charles Mingus and Kanye West represent an extreme form of the complicated-and-proud-of-it black man, within a society that prefers its black men as uncomplicated and untroubling as possible....

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If You Know Padma Lakshmi From Only 'Top Chef', Her New Memoir Reveals So Much More>

Padma Lakshmi: "As I enter the next phase of my career, I’m looking forward to making a living from something other than my likeness or image on TV."...

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'Meathooked' Gets Hung-Up on Its Own Problems

// Re:Print

"Beneath a thin veneer of science journalism lies a vegetarian manifesto.

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