'Sekret Machines: Gods' Reiterates: All Religion Is UFO Religion

'Sekret Machines: Gods' Reiterates: All Religion Is UFO Religion

By Greg M. Schwartz

24 Aug 2017 // 2:00 AM

With Tom DeLonge and co-author Peter Levenda playing “the role of an intellectual Indiana Jones”, Sekret Machines: Gods provides plenty of intriguing intel about the Phenomenon....

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Sabahattin Ali's 'Madonna in a Fur Coat': The Turkish Novel That Refuses to Die

By Hans Rollman

21 Aug 2017 // 2:00 AM

Maureen Freely, president of English PEN, talks with PopMatters about this slim, decades-old romance that has emerged as a symbol of resistance in the face of brutal state repression. ...

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Midwestern 'Weirdness' Inspires Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'>

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods tackles earth-rumbling concepts -- faith, mortality, media obsession -- but his acclaimed novel is rooted in the relative quiet of the Midwest....

Alec Baldwin Reflects on His Life, Career in Witty Memoir 'Nevertheless'>

Read All About It: Print Might Be on the Rise But Book Sale Figures Are Incomplete>

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Jason Molina's Mythological Palette, Warts and All

// Re:Print

"Osmon lights the oil lamps on the process of Molina’s creative wonder, from toddling on the shores of Lake Erie to the indie folk pedestal he so deservedly sits upon today.

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