Folk City: New York and the American Folk Music Revival

Folk City: New York and the American Folk Music Revival

By Stephen Petrus and Ronald D. Cohen

31 Jul 2015 // 2:15 AM

Folk City explores New York's central role in fueling the nationwide craze for folk music in postwar America. ...

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What Happens When the Sappiness of 'The Bachelor' Meets the Plotting of 'Inception'?

By Benjamin Winterhalter

28 Jul 2015 // 2:02 AM

Experiencing Chris Harrison's The Perfect Letter is similar to that of the show he hosts, The Bachelor: you love to "hate-read" it....

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'Loving Day' Is a Biting Commentary on Race, Otherness>

This is a comic but incisive social commentary on blackness, whiteness and otherness -- as well as love, family and the repercussions of allowing others to define us....

Allen Klein, Manager of Rock Bands, Emerges From the Shadows>

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From Manuscripts to Pop Culture, Dante Endures

// Re:Print

"Dante's English Public glances at current adaptations of Dante's work, from the comic Nightcrawler's Inferno to Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves.

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