'The Hunger Games': The Writers Cut Really Is Better (Sponsored Article)

'The Hunger Games': The Writer’s Cut Really Is Better (Sponsored Article)

By J.C. Macek III

21 Jun 2016 // 2:30 AM

Even if you've seen The Hunger Games films dozens of times, the books will reveal character complexities that were left out of the film adaptations....

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Who's Better Than Mark Twain at Bible-bashing?

By Iain Ellis

20 Jun 2016 // 2:29 AM

Sounding more like Christopher Hitchens than a lapsed Presbyterian from the 19th century, Mark Twain rips apart Testaments Old and New. ...

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Moby's Memoir 'Porcelain' Is Exceptional and Incisive>

Rock memoirs rarely live up to expectations, but Moby’s Porcelain is an exception....

Don Delillo Thoughtfully Explores Death and Cryonics in 'Zero K'>

If You Know Padma Lakshmi From Only 'Top Chef', Her New Memoir Reveals So Much More>

400 Years After His Death, William Shakespeare Has Kept His Cool>

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The Glow Lives on in Taimak's 'The Last Dragon'

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"The actor's memoir is a backtracking through a life under scrutiny and a life eventually left to chance.

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