'Egg': Bloomsbury's Eggscellent Mission

'Egg': Bloomsbury's Eggscellent Mission

By Megan Volpert

15 Mar 2017 // 2:30 AM

Does Humpty Dumpty freak you out more or less than salmonella? Bloomsbury's Object Lessons books offer fodder for daily mindfulness....

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How Far Will an Incomplete Woman Go to Obtain Her Sense of Self?

By Imran Khan

14 Mar 2017 // 2:30 AM

Much in the way the women of Persona and 3 Women assimilate into lives of their objects of affection, the women of Single White Female experience a similar fatal mutualism. ...

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Read All About It: Print Might Be on the Rise But Book Sale Figures Are Incomplete>

Traditional hardcover book sales have overtaken e-book numbers for the first time since 2012....

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Punk's Not Dead: Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain and 'Please Kill Me'>

Moby's Memoir 'Porcelain' Is Exceptional and Incisive>

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The Romantic Nightmare in Alfred Döblin's 'Bright Magic'

// Re:Print

"The stories in this collection are circular, puzzling; they often end as cruelly as they do quietly, the characters and their journeys extinguished with poisonous calm.

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