The Myth of Elvis Presley

The Myth of Elvis Presley

By John Hansen

7 Jul 2015 // 2:02 AM

Rock critic Greil Marcus holds that Elvis' songs are simply a facade. But is there not a creative person behind the facade?...

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Is Gender Out of Fashion?

By Hans Rollman

30 Jun 2015 // 2:30 AM

Sex and Unisex, a history of fashion trends offers insight into changing notions of gender – and raises the possibility that the concept has outlived its usefulness....

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Some Comic Book Heroes Are Not So Super>

Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Captain America have become giants in pop culture through comic books, TV shows and feature films. But, have you heard of Funnyman? What about Man O’ Metal, Mr. Muscles or Pat Parker, War Nurse?...

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The Struggle for Literacy, the Need for Booze, the Bay Area Book Festival

// Re:Print

"As the Bay Area Rapid Transit escalator carried me upward, toward the first annual Bay Area Book Festival (6th and 7th, June), I repeated my new mantra. I would buy no books.

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