Nadifa Mohamed: Writing the Lives of Somalia's Women

Nadifa Mohamed: Writing the Lives of Somalia's Women

By Hans Rollman

24 Jun 2015 // 2:15 AM

The complex psychology of pre-war Somalia, and the endurance of its women, is vividly portrayed in The Orchard of Lost Souls....

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R.D. Reynolds, the Monday Night Wars, and the Death of World Championship Wrestling

By Jon Langmead

24 Jun 2015 // 2:02 AM

It was going to be a powerhouse alternative to the World Wrestling Federation, but through mismanagement and unforeseen rivalries, Reynolds' book follows the league from its inception to its final tap-out....

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Wendell Steavenson’s 'Circling the Square' Charges Into Egypt’s Turmoil>

The way she writes about the Egyptian revolution, it’s as if Wendell Steavenson fell in love all at once with a people, a place and a moment in time....

What Was Yours Is Now Mine in Stephen King's 'Finders Keepers'>

Juan Felipe Herrera, the First Latino to Be U.S. Poet Laureate, Is a Master of Many Forms>

'Out of Sight' Gives LA's '60s Art Scene the Respect It's Due>


The Struggle for Literacy, the Need for Booze, the Bay Area Book Festival

// Re:Print

"As the Bay Area Rapid Transit escalator carried me upward, toward the first annual Bay Area Book Festival (6th and 7th, June), I repeated my new mantra. I would buy no books.

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