20 Questions: Oliver Sacks

20 Questions: Oliver Sacks

By Karen Zarker

30 Aug 2015 // 3:00 PM

Neurologist and philosopher Oliver Sacks possesses a tireless intellect, a perpetual curiosity, and a compassionate understanding of humans. ...

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Noise Uprising: The Audiopolitics of a World Musical Revolution

By Michael Denning

28 Aug 2015 // 2:30 AM

The soundtrack to decolonization is heard in Havana’s son, Rio’s samba, New Orleans’ jazz, Buenos Aires’ tango, Seville’s flamenco, Cairo’s tarab, Johannesburg’s marabi, and more....

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Movie Star Jackie Chan Caught Between East and West>

Jackie Chan has just published an autobiography in Chinese, Never Grow Up, Only Get Older, and the title is more than apropos. ...

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