It's a Wonderful Death: A Thanksgiving Carol

It's a Wonderful Death: A Thanksgiving Carol

By Michael Barrett

17 Feb 2017 // 1:00 AM

This novel is reminiscent of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life (1946) and Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol -- but with a twist....

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Zombies and the Search for the Edible Other in 'The Abominable Mr. Seabrook'

By Gregory L. Reece

15 Feb 2017 // 1:00 AM

Joe Ollman’s new graphic biography is a revelation, showing the darkness and the light in the life of the man who introduced zombies to the world. ...

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Read All About It: Print Might Be on the Rise But Book Sale Figures Are Incomplete>

Traditional hardcover book sales have overtaken e-book numbers for the first time since 2012....

Two Separate Memoirs Tell the Singular Tale of the Beach Boys>

Punk's Not Dead: Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain and 'Please Kill Me'>

Moby's Memoir 'Porcelain' Is Exceptional and Incisive>

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The Romantic Nightmare in Alfred Döblin's 'Bright Magic'

// Re:Print

"The stories in this collection are circular, puzzling; they often end as cruelly as they do quietly, the characters and their journeys extinguished with poisonous calm.

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