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Friday, September 26 2014

Ennui: Telepathic Beat

Slightly retro, electronics-heavy indie dance pop plays into nostalgia and, in the process, manages to come out slightly ahead of similar-minded contemporaries currently exploring similar sonic terrain.

Rivergazer: Random Nostalgia

This record tries so hard to be relatable that it's unlikely to alienate anyone. Of course, it's not likely to draw anyone in, either.

Thursday, September 25 2014

The Lovers Key: Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Deluxe Edition)

If you dig the music from The Commitments soundtrack, then the Lovers Key is gonna be right up your wheelhouse.

Foxes in Fiction: Ontario Gothic

The half-hour of music on Ontario Gothic would seem like a slight return, but Warren Hildebrand's hushed tunes are as generous in sound and scope as ever.

Zongo Junction: No Discount

It's not surprising to see free jazz credited alongside Fela Kuti as one of the group's inspirations.

Wednesday, September 24 2014

Nicholas Krgovich: On Sunset

This is music of the highest calibre and it speaks plain universal truths.

Tuesday, September 23 2014

The Crooked Brothers: Thank You I’m Sorry

Thank You I’m Sorry doesn’t need to apologize: this is a bonafide full-proof beverage that goes down easy, and it's one of the finest slices of Canadiana you’ll hear this year.

Friday, September 19 2014

Black Moth: Condemned to Hope

For headbangers who like to bash their heads really slowly, Condemned to Hope will do the trick.

PinkBrown: Two Fish EP

Two Fish is a great indulgence, and you should drop your lure in the water and check these guys out.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Float Along – Fill Your Lungs/Oddments

Taking cues from the stranger corners of '60s psych, Australia's King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard deliver acid-fried freak-outs of the highest order.

Thursday, September 18 2014

Cancers: Fatten the Leeches

Fatten the Leeches has a lo-fi aesthetic that’s charming.

Wednesday, September 17 2014

Little Big League: Tropical Jinx

If you have a fondness for the olden days of Sub Pop, Tropical Jinx will go a long way towards satisfying your cravings.

Tuesday, September 16 2014

Broncho: Just Enough Hip to Be Woman

Just Enough Hip to Be Woman is more than hip, it’s simply glorious.

Bleached: For the Feel EP

The band's debut, Ride Your Heart, was focused, but For the Feel shows that Bleached can take that focus wherever it wants.

Famous Last Words: Council of the Dead

Famous Last Words is an enjoyable group, but they aren’t going to light the metal world on fire with originality.

Monday, September 15 2014

Daisuke Tanabe: Floating Underwater

This is staggering, heart-wrenchingly beautiful music for just about anyone interested in modern electronica.

Grey Gordon: Forget I Brought It Up

Forget I Brought It Up, his new album for No Sleep, pushes Gordon's sound into full on brooding pop-punk.

InterStatic: Arise

With a sound that is neither mellow nor frantic, this mostly-Norwegian trio continues to hone their thing on Arise.

Friday, September 12 2014

Kaleigh Watts: Smoke Lake EP

Smoke Lake is a good bet for those seeking maturity and wisdom at the hands of such a young woman.

A Million Billion Dying Suns: AMBDS

AMBDS is a musical adventure, a trip into the heavens and the inner mind.

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