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Thursday, December 11 2014

Dirt Dress: Revelations EP

Post-punk outfit Dirt Dress stretches out in all directions on Revelations EP.

Tinariwen: Inside/Outside: Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions

This five-track, half-hour live set is an offshoot of the longer album Emmaar.

Wednesday, December 10 2014

The Rickaneers: Ghost Town EP

From ‘60s garage to ‘70s glam to ‘90s grunge, the band distinctly has its own sound, and that can be heard on their sophomore EP, Ghost Town.

Monday, December 8 2014

Just Poets: Painting Pictures in the Darkness

This Canadian rap album is stupendous, not just lyrically and stylistically in the vocal delivery, but in terms of what Just Poets do with their sampled material.

Bethan: Time Gone By

Bethan has discovered an intriguing sound that floats along the periphery of the last century on the aptly titled Time Gone By.

Gold & Marrow: Forever

Big things are bound to happen for this Ottawa, Ontario, singer-songwriter on the basis of her debut as Gold & Marrow.

Shiran: Warm Winter Day EP

All in all, how much you dig Shiran is going to be based on whether or not you like classic hard rock from the ’80s, just with a Djent edge.

Shane Koyczan: Silence Is a Song I Know All the Words To

Whether or not you like this disc is going to hinge upon how you feel about spoken word/slam poetry.

Friday, December 5 2014

Jacob Earl: Before the Flood

Earl has effortlessly created something artistic and worthy of being the soundtrack to a vernissage.

Thursday, December 4 2014

Vyc Vypyr: A Hero’s Grave Part One

Is this old school speed metal album entertaining and exciting? Oh hells yes!

Hallelujah the Hills: Juvenile Oratorios EP

This EP, a companion to the band's excellent 2014 full-length record, suggests that lower-fi recordings and ambitious ones are not mutually exclusive.

Wednesday, December 3 2014

The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band: Wanted EP

Singing of cowboys, ramblers and lovers, Wanted is certainly a top-notch release.

Radical Dads: Cassette Brain

This is an impressive set from Radical Dads, one that feels much bigger than its 16-minute runtime.

Community Theatre: Northern Register

Northern Register serves as a much needed reminder that, hey, there’s music being made in Canada’s Arctic.

Places to Hide: Wild N Soft

Places to Hide, perhaps unwittingly, furthers the argument for vinyl’s superior sound quality as the fidelity of Wild N Soft’s competing sides are called into question.

Tuesday, December 2 2014

Jim Putnam & Mickaël Mottet: Jim Putnam & Mickaël Mottet

Radar Brothers' Jim Putnam and Angil's Mickaël Mottet teamed up for this eponymous, collaborative album, and the results are pretty impressive.

Monday, December 1 2014

Goodbye Heart: Restless Nights EP

Restless Nights, Goodbye Heart’s five track EP, is a synth-pop dream.

Saturday, November 29 2014

Future States: Future States EP

While the music on the Future States EP is fairly one-of-a-kind, its charms are subtle and don’t quite bowl you over.

Thursday, November 27 2014

Zex: Fight for Yourself

Zex blitzes though 10 songs in a half-hour on this record and prove that they’re contenders and not pretenders.

Wednesday, November 26 2014

Heavy Bedroom: I Saw An End EP

My Gosh, what a lasting impression this EP makes.


Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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