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In Defense Of ... Well, You're Not Going to Believe This One 'Til You Read It
Regarding the Ray Rice saga, TMZ not only forced the NFL's hand, it put domestic violence back in the spotlight, where it should be. [2.Oct.14]
On Not Showing the Action: Stillness in 'Trees'
The normalcy of reading movement into comics art is what makes Warren Ellis' and Jason Howard's new series, Trees, a curiosity. [1.Oct.14]
Reinventing Scotland, Reinventing Ourselves: After the Referendum
To be in the minority is the natural condition of artists. The referendum gave Scotland's creative community a brief respite from its sense of isolation. [30.Sep.14]
Playing With Consistency Inconsistency: Jeff VanderMeer Takes Us into Area X
The adventurous Annihilation + the Raymond Chandler-like Authority + the existentialist Acceptance = the engaging Southern Reach Trilogy. [29.Sep.14]
Singing Across Continents: An Interview with Somi
Somi is a not-exactly jazz singer with roots in Africa and the American midwest, and she has made the year's most amazing record, evoking the spirit of Lagos, Nigeria. [26.Sep.14]
Recent Columns
The Party, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Juggernaut give us good clean fun about slavery and brothels.[25.Sep.14]
Watch Dog's protagonist is a cliché that never grows beyond cliché.[24.Sep.14]
The growing popularity and diversity of Canadian comics and graphic literature raises questions around how a culture and place presents itself to the world.[23.Sep.14]
Since the early '80s, The Rainmakers have been among the best bands to emerge from the Heartland Rock boom of that decade. They may be the best that's still at it. [22.Sep.14]
Love them or loathe them, Emerson, Lake & Palmer wore immoderation like a badge of courage.[19.Sep.14]
Long before Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher, H.L. Mencken was America's most notorious satirist of religion. And thus began the battle for the soul of America.[18.Sep.14]
Have listeners of the Danish ambient electronic outfit, Croatian Amor, given more of themselves than the musician ever would?[17.Sep.14]
Watching Michelle Yeoh fight on screen is like watching Fred Astaire dance: simply beautiful.[16.Sep.14]
The 'Marshall McLuhan' message borne by the MP3 revolution is clear: music is endlessly plentiful and entirely disposable. So what's the message of streaming? [15.Sep.14]
Fed up with the empty rhetoric of utopian ideology and highfalutin discourse, the new generation of filmmakers take their frustrations out on the grand narratives of Tamil cinema.[12.Sep.14]
Categorizing the world we live in may be one of the most primal of human appetites.This exhibit challenges how we do that.[12.Sep.14]
Drugs. We LGBT folk certainly seem to like them. We use them at higher rates than heterosexuals, and we really like to mix them with sex. What a shame they're killing us.[10.Sep.14]
P.T. has the digital world bleeding out into the real, hands flailing in search of something to hold onto so it can pull itself out of the game and into your living room.[9.Sep.14]
Kelli Deeth’s characters, at the end of their wits and their youth, take the long, last painful look into their abating past, only to see themselves staring back at a fated future. [8.Sep.14]
As art imitates life, there are parallels between the violence in Laura McBride's We Are Called to Rise and the most recent headlines of violence in America.[5.Sep.14]
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