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When Kendrick Lamar Hits NPR, We All Win
When everyone feels they can be an expert, how do you reassert your ownership over a topic? By waiting for its crossover moment. [17.Dec.14]
A Healthy Dose of Darkness: The Best Film Scores of 2014
The year 2014 saw classic composer/director teams hit new highs, as well as a considerable dark streak take over the world of film scoring. [16.Dec.14]
'The Copyright Wars' Rage on After 300 Years
In a historical sweep of trans-Atlantic arguments over copyright law, some surprising shifts and patterns emerge, but the key, centuries-long battles remain. [11.Dec.14]
Six Shots in Ferguson, One Night in New York
Trumpeter Igmar Thomas and his haunting tune, "The Hunted", sums up the most difficult lesson of 2014. [10.Dec.14]
'Yes Please' Is White Liberal Feminism in Full Force
Yes Please is an honest but dull book that embraces the politics, and thereby the problems, of white liberal feminism. [9.Dec.14]
Recent Columns
Anita Diamant’s storytelling is exceptional. There’s something here for everyone in a work which is an unquestioned masterpiece of historical fiction. [4.Dec.14]
Like many avant-gardists before them, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping view their performances not as an artistic practice or profession, but as an orientation toward life. [3.Dec.14]
When knowledge falls outside of that which is found on the Internet, it falls outside of modern understanding. Thus, games like these, which fall outside of the norm, become intensely compelling.[2.Dec.14]
The Invisible Hands have given us a glimpse of Alvarius B.'s (Alan Bishop) view of the world from the center of Cairo. It's not a happy perspective, but there's a hint of hope. [26.Nov.14]
At its best, Maya serves as a window into an era of kids' adventure series with unusually authentic production values and undercurrents of thoughtful attention to cultural differences.[25.Nov.14]
When a band performs its best album at shows, over and over, it's like they're admitting that they'll never achieve that particular level of greatness again.[24.Nov.14]
While so many of their progressive rock contemporaries were writing novels in the form of side-long suites, the Moody Blues were masters of the short story. [21.Nov.14]
There's an unending flow of vocal jazz these days, which is a blessing and a curse. Beyond the glut of rehashed standards from 50 years ago, some original work shines.[20.Nov.14]
By Tara Gupta and Carol Vernallis
If The Great Gatsby is a peep through a keyhole at the dirty underbelly of extreme wealth from a bygone era, Small Apartments kicks the door down and lays bare a grotesque characterization of today’s urban lower middle class.[18.Nov.14]
The prison correspondence of Tolokonnikova and Zizek might not change the world, but it ought to be required reading for those with such aspirations.[17.Nov.14]
Rather than recapitulating the faux sentiment of veterans' poppies, BBC's Centenary Collection gives viewers a chance to really understand WWI.[14.Nov.14]
This rollicking look at the intersection of heavy metal music and Canadian identity reveals some interesting connections, and raises some important questions, too. [13.Nov.14]
The remarkable author of How to Build a Girl wasn’t seeking controversy; she just wanted to change the world.[12.Nov.14]
Executive producer Bob Brush and actor Dan Lauria ruminate on The Wonder Years timeless nostalgia.[11.Nov.14]
GeekGirlCon may not be a "comic-con", but it has helped to bring about positive change in comics culture.[10.Nov.14]
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