Call for Essays About Any Aspect of Popular Culture, Present or Past

How About Some Unironic Love for Emerson, Lake & Palmer?
Love them or loathe them, Emerson, Lake & Palmer wore immoderation like a badge of courage. [19.Sep.14]
Mr. Mencken Went to Dayton and the Culture Wars Began
Long before Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher, H.L. Mencken was America's most notorious satirist of religion. And thus began the battle for the soul of America. [18.Sep.14]
Possessed by 'Wild Palms': How Far Will You Go to Feel Connected?
Have listeners of the Danish ambient electronic outfit, Croatian Amor, given more of themselves than the musician ever would? [17.Sep.14]
The Power of Body Language: Michelle Yeoh, Action Cinema's First Lady
Watching Michelle Yeoh fight on screen is like watching Fred Astaire dance: simply beautiful. [16.Sep.14]
Stream of (Music) Consciousness
The 'Marshall McLuhan' message borne by the MP3 revolution is clear: music is endlessly plentiful and entirely disposable. So what's the message of streaming? [15.Sep.14]
Recent Columns
Fed up with the empty rhetoric of utopian ideology and highfalutin discourse, the new generation of filmmakers take their frustrations out on the grand narratives of Tamil cinema.[12.Sep.14]
Categorizing the world we live in may be one of the most primal of human appetites.This exhibit challenges how we do that.[12.Sep.14]
Drugs. We LGBT folk certainly seem to like them. We use them at higher rates than heterosexuals, and we really like to mix them with sex. What a shame they're killing us.[10.Sep.14]
P.T. has the digital world bleeding out into the real, hands flailing in search of something to hold onto so it can pull itself out of the game and into your living room.[9.Sep.14]
Kelli Deeth’s characters, at the end of their wits and their youth, take the long, last painful look into their abating past, only to see themselves staring back at a fated future. [8.Sep.14]
As art imitates life, there are parallels between the violence in Laura McBride's We Are Called to Rise and the most recent headlines of violence in America.[5.Sep.14]
Surely even Dirty Harry needs a break from cinematic violence, some time off at Walden Pond. Though I doubt its tranquility would deter him from picking off the sparrows. [28.Aug.14]
However modest in scope, comiXology's new downloads signals the beginning of the end for strict DRM in digital comics -- and it will change how we view comics.[27.Aug.14]
Has country music lost its capacity for brutal, unshakeable loneliness? Or are we just experiencing some calm before the next, inevitable heartache?[25.Aug.14]
The music of the Caucasus is powered by national ardour and ritual. All that's needed is an open and willing audience to accept the undisclosed gifts it brings.[21.Aug.14]
Women are the alpha-characters in Halt and Catch Fire. There may be no better dynamic duo of smart leading females on TV today than Donna and Cameron. [20.Aug.14]
The YA crowd is full of articulate, well-read, hungry hyenas. They'll rip my lungs out for this. They'll crucify me. They'll leave my corpse in a ditch.[19.Aug.14]
Why do jazz folks always sound so defensive about the music they love? Why can’t they take a pie in the face from Django Gold?[18.Aug.14]
By Erik Kersting
Despite putting on display both the virtues and vices of man, Dark Souls does not make a judgment call about humanity, but rather leaves that up to the player. [14.Aug.14]
Human rights movements, says Samuel Moyn, have done a poor job protecting and fighting for social and economic rights.[13.Aug.14]
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