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By PopMatters Staff
Don’t just sit there looking at your computer (or tablet, or phone). Engage! [27.Mar.15]
The Artist Is Not Present: The Significance of Sia's Anti-Pop Persona
For once, a pop artist has rejected the idea of stardom, and as a result, has become one of the world’s most discussed pop stars. [26.Mar.15]
What Would Don Draper Do? Reading Dante in a Secular Age
Many readers of our generation emulate Don Draper, having lost Dante's connections to Christianity or perhaps to any such deity. [25.Mar.15]
'The Voices' Gets to the Very Essence of the American Nightmare
Disturbing, funny, alluring and repulsive in a uniquely American way that no one likes to admit, The Voices should trouble you. [24.Mar.15]
Farther Than You Think: Mapping the Noir Terrain
Rope of Sand, Dark City, and Union Station each extend the shadowy reach of film noir. [23.Mar.15]
Recent Columns
After the back-to-back-to-back brilliance of their previous three albums, a letdown seemed inevitable; amazingly, Ian Anderson & Co. raised the bar, instead.[20.Mar.15]
Arthur Mathew and Matt Berry's sitcom, Toast of London is almost too weird and wonderful to put into words.[19.Mar.15]
Canada’s hit comedy news program offers a provocative example of the role political satire and popular culture can play in defining and even changing a nation[18.Mar.15]
Valiant Hearts challenges the barbaric connotations of the appellation “the dogs of war” by making a dog, the only creature blind to the “essential” identity markers of nationalism and language, the hero.[17.Mar.15]
As the red-breasted bird folds its wings from flight, it too portends things are less than all right... on Prom Night.[16.Mar.15]
Revered English musical visionary Steven Wilson discusses the inspirations, methods, and reflections that helped create his newest solo opus, Hand. Cannot. Erase.[13.Mar.15]
Two unique jazz phenoms of the Reagan '80s -- tapping guitarist Stanley Jordan and falsetto scatting legend Bobby "Don't Worry, Be Happy" McFerrin -- are back.[12.Mar.15]
Guy Kawasaki defines “good stuff” to post online, and how to really get more followers. (Hint: don’t pay for them!)[12.Mar.15]
Gay Berlin reveals a vibrant gay rights movement that flourished in Germany a hundred years before Stonewall.[11.Mar.15]
The CW's excellent Jane the Virgin reminds us there is no such thing as a true guilty pleasure. [10.Mar.15]
Hurry Sundown, Skidoo, and Such Good Friends welcome you to a world of crowded frames and uncertain tones.[9.Mar.15]
Sometimes the most successful and acclaimed films are marked and marred by the absolutely worst sequels imaginable. [6.Mar.15]
Comics covers may not always reflect what's inside, but it's difficult to see covers as distinct from the books they adorn.[6.Mar.15]
More than fetishizing his prizes, the collector fetishizes his own obsessiveness and glorious blindness to the machinations of what non-collectors call “real life”. [5.Mar.15]
Akashic Noir series continues to serve up delightful and disturbing gems that offer remarkable insights into the world’s great (and not-so-great) cities.[4.Mar.15]
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