Spectacle of Gestures: Rihanna's American Oxygen
The problem isn't that "American Oxygen" fails as political art, it's that we might consider it a success instead of a mere gesture. 6 May 15 // 2:30 AM
Covering Cover Songs
Cover songs don't have to be all that bad. Just listen to what Becca Stevens and Jason Moran have been doing lately, and you'll see. 5 May 15 // 2:30 AM
Deconstructing the Star Beast: How the 'Alien' Saga Went Wrong
Alien was a planned B-Movie that transcended its genre and spawned the rare sequel that is neither imitation nor complete deviation. Then the saga went to hell. 4 May 15 // 5:01 AM
The Ethics of Death-Defying Media
Furious 7's path to the screen is emblematic of the ways in which film and other media defy (and define) death as images develop lives of their own. 27 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Status Flow: The Kingly Rhymes of Marracash
A household name in his native country, Italy has in Marracash one of its biggest contenders of hip-hop. 24 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Recent Columns
A new breed of magicians are self-consciously aware that their toolbox of trickery enables them to wield the potential power to affect beliefs—and thus behavior.23 April 15 // 1:29 AM
There are plenty of good reasons to visit an actual record store besides that one hyped day in April.22 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Not even the combined might of Superman, Batman, Predator and James Bond can save their respective series from sinking like an ocean liner into the Bay of Pigs!21 April 15 // 1:30 AM
A college conference is helping train students to battle the idiocy of laws like Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.20 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Boyhood sets itself the daunting task of reflecting the breadth of a human adolescence, but it instead reveals that it is in life's minutia that we find the most meaning.17 April 15 // 1:30 AM
The real charm of Sullivan’s Travels is the way it exposes Hollywood’s mediation of the Depression and the trauma it inflicted.16 April 15 // 1:30 AM
By Ilan Mochari
Like a cover letter, the epigraph must take me to the textual meat without giving me reason to discard the sandwich altogether.15 April 15 // 1:30 AM
A recent biopic about the last executioner in Thailand explores the extremes between killing and redemption.13 April 15 // 1:15 AM
We have here the post-apocalyptic wanderer, able to go anywhere because there’s nowhere he belongs.9 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Nostalgia has its uses, its benefits. But is it useful and beneficial when it obscures the reality of the past and present, usually in the service of power, prestige, and making a buck?8 April 15 // 1:30 AM
On Billie Holiday's centennial, her influence remains everywhere in music. Jazz singers Cassandra Wilson and Jose James, have new tributes out on Blue Note.7 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Some creators and publishers choose to make time and space infinitely malleable. Others take readers to new times and places while leaving characters in a single timeline.6 April 15 // 1:29 AM
With the 'gratuity' of music fostered by digital ubiquity came a renewed, exacting demand for magic artefacts.2 April 15 // 1:30 AM
Shadow of the Colossus begins as a game about a hero rescuing a princess, but by the end, there are no heroes and there are no princesses. 1 April 15 // 1:30 AM
There was a time when jazz trombonists like Glenn Miller were mega-stars. Not so today, but talents like those of Ryan Keberle and Joe Fiedler make the case that they should be.31 March 15 // 1:30 AM

Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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