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In Defense Of ... A Second Season for 'Halt and Catch Fire'
Women are the alpha-characters in Halt and Catch Fire. There may be no better dynamic duo of smart leading females on TV today than Donna and Cameron. [20.Aug.14]
Arguable Merits: Young Adult Fiction and Its Rabid Discontents
The YA crowd is full of articulate, well-read, hungry hyenas. They'll rip my lungs out for this. They'll crucify me. They'll leave my corpse in a ditch. [19.Aug.14]
The Sonny Rollins / 'New Yorker' Controversy and Jazz's Image Problem
Why do jazz folks always sound so defensive about the music they love? Why can’t they take a pie in the face from Django Gold? [18.Aug.14]
From Nietzsche to Hegel: Perspectives on Humanity in 'Dark Souls'
By PopMatters Staff
Despite putting on display both the virtues and vices of man, Dark Souls does not make a judgment call about humanity, but rather leaves that up to the player. [14.Aug.14]
Everything You Think You Know About Human Rights Is Wrong
Human rights movements, says Samuel Moyn, have done a poor job protecting and fighting for social and economic rights. [13.Aug.14]
Recent Columns
It's common knowledge that the 'best' superhero is the one in cape and cowl. And that's true. It's just not the one you think.[12.Aug.14]
After the best-selling novel La Planète des Singes and the hit film Planet of the Apes, the series found itself in hairy times. How did the saga regain its glory? [11.Aug.14]
As the creative mastermind behind Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson is often considered one of the most distinct musicians of the past 50 years.[8.Aug.14]
By grounding the violence of his barely veiled speculative fiction in the here-and-now, James DeMonaco risks inciting an audience beyond the walls of the cinema.[7.Aug.14]
The atomic bombing of Hiroshima forever altered popular culture, and the earliest traces of that tectonic shift can be found in an obscure government report and newsreel about the event. [6.Aug.14]
In film, "visionary" has become a marketing adjective, like "iconic". Here, on the matter of visionary directors, we separate the claret from the beaujolais, if you will.[5.Aug.14]
Humankind once laughed at The Planet of the Apes -- until it became a critically acclaimed artistic endeavor and had an Academy Award category created for it. Now who amongst us is laughing?[4.Aug.14]
A recasting of Johnny Cash's most controversial album, Bitter Tears, raises questions about the inclusiveness of American music. [31.Jul.14]
Black Flag isn’t interested in breaking the world into two opposing ideologies. It’s interested in how those ideologies sell themselves to a broken world.[30.Jul.14]
Home video companies such as Kino Lorber, the Criterion Collection, and Flicker Alley have been instrumental in meeting the changing methods of distributing silent film.[29.Jul.14]
The best creators will find ways to make the best use of whatever medium they are working in. [28.Jul.14]
The debate about sex work is usually about the spectacle that accompanies “sex”, rather than about the sex workers and the work of sex. That needs to change.[25.Jul.14]
A Passion Play tends to draw the most resistance from even prog-rock aficionados; it obliges time and attention to let it work its charms.[24.Jul.14]
Ukraine was once considered the musical heartland of the Russian Empire, its culture thriving between the cracks of various powerful and competing empires.[23.Jul.14]
American Revolutionary wants to offer the appearance of revolution while anesthetizing any deeper understanding of the forces involved.[22.Jul.14]
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