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'The Mack Sennett Collection, Volume One' Attests to Risk-Taking in Creativity and Innovation
This collection of films is significant in illustrating the development of Mack Sennett's contributions to early film comedy and the lasting effects of Sennett and his troupe. [20.Oct.14]
The Persistence of Mockery: Garfield and Surrealism
Goofing around with Garfield on The Garfield Randomiser and Garfield Minus Garfield evokes the poetic Surrealism that arose from Dadism. [17.Oct.14]
A Dark Rapture: The Rise of Punk in Spain
Spanish punkers came swinging harder than ever, screaming not for the sake of inducing change, but screaming for the sake of screaming – because now they could. [16.Oct.14]
The Magical Presence of Anna Karina: More Than Godard's Muse
It’s not that Anna Karina couldn’t act, but that she didn’t have to. Her physical presence was the art, and her beauty, in and of itself, was a significant contribution to the culture. [15.Oct.14]
What More Is Mankind Than Nature's Parasite? Reflections on 'Herzog: The Collection'
For Werner Herzog, man’s tug-of-war with nature is not a present imbalance but a lost cause, the barbarous beauty of nature made mere barbarism by humankind. [14.Oct.14]
Recent Columns
The trend in alternate reality gaming fits a traditional definition of hyperreality; the condition where fiction and the real become indistinguishably blended together.[13.Oct.14]
If this were a murder mystery, it would be a fine enough catalyst to a long, protracted investigation, complete with red herrings and an arc that would befit Raymond Chandler. [9.Oct.14]
Pollitt’s new book, Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights is both a call to arms and a call for honest reflection.[8.Oct.14]
Hip-hop appeals to those who feel powerless and disenfranchised, which is why ISIS looks to hip-hop communities as potential recruiting grounds.[7.Oct.14]
While listening to "The Dance and Song of Laos" (1906) a haunting voice, both enticing and archaic, mingles with the crepitating noise of the antique shellac.[6.Oct.14]
Regarding the Ray Rice saga, TMZ not only forced the NFL's hand, it put domestic violence back in the spotlight, where it should be.[2.Oct.14]
The normalcy of reading movement into comics art is what makes Warren Ellis' and Jason Howard's new series, Trees, a curiosity. [1.Oct.14]
To be in the minority is the natural condition of artists. The referendum gave Scotland's creative community a brief respite from its sense of isolation. [30.Sep.14]
The adventurous Annihilation + the Raymond Chandler-like Authority + the existentialist Acceptance = the engaging Southern Reach Trilogy.[29.Sep.14]
Somi is a not-exactly jazz singer with roots in Africa and the American midwest, and she has made the year's most amazing record, evoking the spirit of Lagos, Nigeria.[26.Sep.14]
The Party, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Juggernaut give us good clean fun about slavery and brothels.[25.Sep.14]
Watch Dog's protagonist is a cliché that never grows beyond cliché.[24.Sep.14]
The growing popularity and diversity of Canadian comics and graphic literature raises questions around how a culture and place presents itself to the world.[23.Sep.14]
Since the early '80s, The Rainmakers have been among the best bands to emerge from the Heartland Rock boom of that decade. They may be the best that's still at it. [22.Sep.14]
Love them or loathe them, Emerson, Lake & Palmer wore immoderation like a badge of courage.[19.Sep.14]
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