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Marketing in the Age of Surveillance
What do you get when you try to marry perky start-up optimism with the ominous prospect of the surveillance age? [17.Apr.14]
Scorsese vs. Scorsese: Tales of Two Dreamers
The Wolf of Wall Street celebrates deception, whereas Hugo upholds the search for truth. Which worldview is Scorsese's? [16.Apr.14]
In Defense Of ... Jesse Winchester
With the news that the singer-songwriter has passed, it's time to look back on someone Bob Dylan once dubbed 'The Greatest Living Songwriter'. [15.Apr.14]
'Blue is the Warmest Color' Is Truly a Feast for All the Senses
What Blue is the Warmest Color demands of its viewers is to stop looking and start sensing, start engaging with cinema with all five senses. [14.Apr.14]
Only God Forgives' Weird Yet Coherent Oriental Psychedelic Noir
In Bangkok, the convulsions of violence on the street merge with scenes of surreal ritual that is possible in the West only in dreams… or drug reveries… or films. [11.Apr.14]
Recent Columns
There just isn't enough time in the human lifespan to see all the films one 'should'. So why not just declare the death of the cinephile?[10.Apr.14]
They don't make gay laundry detergent, lesbian deodorant, bisexual tomato paste, or transsexual wine coolers, but the effort to appeal to the LGBT demographic is on the rise. [8.Apr.14]
There are times when you hear Kurt Cobain sing that you believe no other voice has ever told the truth about suffering. But it's more complicated than that, isn't it?[7.Apr.14]
Can a barely recognizable sequel save a franchise? Or is it doomed to mark its epitaph?[4.Apr.14]
French pop's most peculiar figure has been baffling and delighting audiences for decades with her challenging blend of global music styles. [3.Apr.14]
Hey, did anybody else have the Good Wife plot twist spoiled for them last week? Thanks to Google, Time and the Associated Press, I did.[2.Apr.14]
What can it mean for Dario Argento, auteur extraordinaire, to forsake his unique melding of fearless style and fearless silliness and instead submit to Bram Stoker?[1.Apr.14]
Hugh Fleetwood's chilling and dark mysteries deal with psychologically damaged characters, ones whose actions are usually the result of some personality disorder often undisclosed to everyone but the reader. [31.Mar.14]
Who will choose this enriching and rewarding removal from reality TV and manufactured distraction? Who will walk the course mapped in these heady pages, along a sobering path of self-awareness of our fragile presence surrounded by darkness and mystery?[28.Mar.14]
As protests continue to rage in Venezuela, a traditional Venezuelan spirit is on display. It is thoughtful and reflective, yet opaque. It might be best understood through the music.[27.Mar.14]
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream argues that there's no such thing as a true villain, just people who have been wronged and have the power to exact revenge.[26.Mar.14]
Right when the adult actors of ABC's most successful series in years were forced to file suit against 20th Century Fox, the minds behind the dialogue took an entire episode to make their points known. Subliminally or not.[25.Mar.14]
The release of The Zero Theorem provides yet another opportunity to appreciate Terry Gilliam's untrammelled genius. Yet some would prefer his towering talents were cut down to size.[24.Mar.14]
When you pay for Probe's services, you're not only getting the agent of the week but also a passel of experts with their tiny cameras, microphones, and zirconium-shelled "audio implants".[21.Mar.14]
Forgotify serves as an entry into an internet wormhole, into the many songs that streaming listeners forgot, and it shows us a lot about our habits in the process. [20.Mar.14]
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