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Wednesday, June 8 2005

Sex & The Apprentice: The Art of Over Exposure

Gottfried considers the acting, the acting out, and the act put upon the females of The Apprentice.

Monday, June 6 2005

I’m Not a Social Policy Expert, But I Play One on TV

When all the righteous Cosby-induced bluster has blown, all that's left the poor is caught up in tree branches and clogging the gutters, same as before.

Hollywood’s Battle with Depression

It's war to see who really came to America's rescue after the big crash of '29. And the cinematic suspects are a boxer, a ghost, and a horse... of course.

Friday, June 3 2005

Material World

Gadette suggests New York City extend its desire for self-beautification, and artistic sophistication, in an environmentally- and people-friendly manner.

Thursday, June 2 2005

High School of Hard Knocks

One of the benefits of no longer being a teenager is that I don't care if the high school dramas I watch are realistic because I no longer expect to be validated by television.

Wednesday, June 1 2005

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Taghizadeh defends Al Jazeera, the best source for news from and for the Arab world.

Tuesday, May 31 2005

Tony Blair’s Tenuous Trifecta

Blair endured a grueling campaign that required him to actually face disgruntled voters -- quite unlike Bush's pre-screened, pre-set, flag waving constituency.

Friday, May 27 2005

Why Hip-Hop Sucks, Part 1

Hill's cut-up/trim-down, pedagogical debut on African American culture, or: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In Need of a Shaving.

Everything I Need to Know About Being Black I Learned From Kenny Rogers

For PopMatters TV/Film Columnist Mark Harris, being a minority in a majority world created an ironic, lifelong battle against being force-fed at the teat of popular culture.

Thursday, May 26 2005

U2’s Dance With Duende

Life rocks, says Kootnikoff. Let it — and U2 — shake you, baby!

Wednesday, May 25 2005

Token White Guy

In which the Foreign Devil becomes eye candy, window-dressing and court jester all while not playing a John Denver song.

Tuesday, May 24 2005

The Joy of Sax, Part I

In France, a beloved musician needn't be 'successful', in the how-many-CDs-can-he-sell sense, to be vraiment réussi.

Monday, May 23 2005

We Can Meet Heroes

Hero worship and chance encounters can pay dividends... but you'd best know the Clash from the Pistols.

Friday, May 20 2005

Discovery: Hollywood!

A guided tour of one of America's most protected habitats for endangering species.

Thursday, May 19 2005

Beware What Americans Are Not Reading

When it comes time to 'burn books' in countries such as the US, the rule of law serves as the flaming match; in this case, Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

Tuesday, May 17 2005

Where AIDS Takes Away Your Name

When the story of how AIDS affects ordinary people in South Africa is told, their real names are seldom used - because it can get you killed.

Friday, May 13 2005

In Search of My Mother’s Style

New PopMatters columnist Jane Santos finds a whole course work of women's history right in her own home: embodied in the exuberant life of her very stylish mother.

Thursday, May 12 2005

One Diaspora Under a Groove

At an African concert set in Philadelphia, Reynolds experienced the rare feeling of being a distinct minority in a virtually all-black setting in America. He considers the divide between Africans in America, and African-Americans.

Wednesday, May 11 2005

When the Bulbs Flicker in the City of Lights

There was a time when a simple trip cross the English Channel would place your social status in the ascendancy, much like serving in the colonies in the 19th century. But nowadays in Paris, try finding an affordable broom cupboard of one's own.

Tuesday, May 10 2005

Meters, Purple People Eaters and The Revolution Betrayed

On Taste tracking software; is it an anonymous angel? or something rather sinister?

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