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Wednesday, June 4 2003

Remembering the Rat Pack: When “Cool” Was King

Global Graffiti -- Remembering the Rat Pack: When 'Cool' Was King -- We're amid a full-force revival of that 'make me a Martini and put on a Sinatra record' era of the Rat Pack years.

Tuesday, June 3 2003

The Ecology of Environmentalism

Arguably, bacteria and insects exert on Nature far more influence with farther reaching consequences than Man has ever done.

Wednesday, May 28 2003

Daydreams While Balancing Atop a Narrow Fence

If my Jewish identity was more easily recognisable, and I took a slightly faulty step in social protocols, would I also be fleeing on shot-out tires?

When a kiss is not just a kiss.

What's different from the kisses that take place between these three couples versus the highly publicized same-sex kisses in the 1990s . . . is the two people kissing now are very much in love.

Spy-day Night at the Fights

So much of Japanese TV these days appears predicated on this harsh formula: spying, confrontation, setting up and exposing the cads, giving them their due, then watching them twist and turn in the turbulent wind.

Wednesday, May 14 2003

Seeing the War from Abroad

No one can sit in this conference and be unaware of the U.N's guiding principle: the need for peaceful settlement of global conflicts.

Hitler and the Invention of the West

The idea of the West . . . is merely the last phase and manifestation of the clash of titans between Germany on the one hand, and Russia on the other.

Wednesday, May 7 2003

Canon Fodder?

You can count your life not through T.S. Eliot's coffee spoons, but through crucial sax solos and critical Scorcese sequences.

Thursday, May 1 2003

Tupac’s Book Shelf

Price drew on his own training as a Gospel musician and ethnomusicologist to examine Tupac's spiritual development, suggesting that the late artist had surpassed the legacies of John Coltrane and Mahalia Jackson as spiritual figures within the tradition of black music.

Wednesday, April 23 2003

Akihabara Dreams and the New Otaku

(Akihabara) . . . is a place where a wide range of one's emotional needs can be handled through technology and media.

Thursday, April 17 2003

Phoenix in My Backyard

Ziabuya shows the community that there is something special and incredible growing in the city's belly.

Wednesday, April 9 2003

Washington Watch: Greetings from the City of Power

My attempts to take pictures of the barricaded street in front of the State Department are immediately stopped when a guard curtly informed me that photos are forbidden.

Rock in the Academy

Few are stunted or stultified by the need to think about and analyse where rock or reggae or rave fits into the cultural landscape.

The Demise of the West

No official version of the events can survive the onslaught of blogs and multiple news reporting.

Thursday, March 27 2003

Confessions of a ThugNiggaIntellectual

I share a space with them each time I'm profiled in grocery stores, or chillin' with my homies Gramsci and Jay Z at Starbucks.

Wednesday, March 19 2003

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Eight Mistakes that Music Critics Make

We rock critics should have leathery skins and sore throbbing eardrums and calloused typing fingers, and we should accept little in return but the possibility of more great new tunes coming our way.

Outing TV’s Heterosexual Homosexuals

Soap used Jodie's sexual liaison with Carol as an opportunity to have his character function as a heterosexual on the level of plot, yet simultaneously maintain his position as the show's sexual other.

Wednesday, March 12 2003

Genesis and Revelations: From the Midlands to Manhattan

(I)t soon became apparent that the Megsons took a slightly less conventional approach to life.

Wednesday, March 5 2003

Why America is Hated

I firmly believe that it is better to face a forthright villain than a masquerading saint.

Wednesday, February 26 2003

Lessons of the Giant Robot

As commander of an ever-militarizing state with energy-grabbing schemes, George W. Bush seems like our own real-life version of Megatron.

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