Wednesday, September 8 2004

Women Not Allowed and Girls Not Wanted

On a US-bound plane with Chinese girls being carried to their new homes by their adoptive parents, the author, recently barred from a worksite in China because she is a woman, reflects upon being an unwanted female in modern China.

Wednesday, August 25 2004

On the Importance of Differentiating Fantasy from Reality

For thoughtful liberals and libertarians such cases are tricky ones to manoeuvre without tying ourselves in knots of hyperbole, and allowing our democracy to be jeopardized.

Get Your Geechee On: Commercialism and Hope in the Sea Islands

Descendents of slaves in the South Carolina region, now a stopover point for 'historical' tours, turn their 'blood memories' into strategies that will keep them out of the ghetto or off the reservation. Although they risk the possibility of becoming living museum pieces, they also insure their children's survival.

Still Standing: House of Terror

This Neo-Renaissance building located a pleasant stroll from the Danube River, was once an elegant mansion. During WWII it became known as 'The House of Loyalty', then 'The House of Horror', and now it has settled into a museum named 'The House of Terror'.

Politicians: Beware the Power of Rock

When a giant of the rock industry like Bruce Springsteen weighs in with his tuppence worth, tens of thousands of ordinary voters feel they are being offered the benefit of impartial common sense from a source they can trust.

Thursday, August 12 2004

Beyond the Horse and Carriage: Understanding Arranged Marriage

The arranged marriage is in fact far from a single, monolithic institution, but rather a range of ideas and practices that can mean many things to many different people.

Back Down the Chisholm Trail

Before Michael Moore, there was Shirley Chisholm.

Bogeyman Abroad

These days, to be a European is to be constantly aware of US foreign policy. The subject is impossible to avoid, and has became so volatile that discussion of the matter has joined politics and religion as something to be steered clear of in polite conversation.

The New Sumptuary Laws for Modern-day Subjects

Now that the unwashed masses can afford dry cleaning, ads must teach the non-elite that freedom 'from' want is really just the freedom 'to' want.

Wednesday, August 4 2004

The Neu! Deal/It’s a Neu! Day

Music is transportation, and this little window of German instrumental music has the wide-open road at its heart. Nothing else sounds so much like driving, like the passage of blurred or streaming vistas seen through fast moving windows.

Okay, I Admit It: I Like Oprah

Oprah and her show is one part entertainment, one part business savvy, and one part black girl who made. I like Oprah, and I don't care who knows it.

Wednesday, July 28 2004

The Politics of a Pill

It's time the morning after pill was taken out of the pharmacist's closet.

¡Comprendes, Senor Ferrell?

Is it necessary that Latinos represent Latinos? Or is it sufficient that Latinos be represented regardless of who plays them? How does one judge the quality of the representations on offer?

Better Red Than Dead

In comedy, wherein nothing is sacred, where do we draw the line between witty repartee and savage satire?

Wednesday, July 21 2004

Of Time and Consequences

Controlled flashbacks in XIII highlight the problem of flashbacks within a play environment; play is about present tense, and games are about making the right decision so that the future turns out how it's meant to.

Subvertising: The Re-emergence of Political Graffiti on the Parisian Underground

It's a modern-day, consciousnesses-raising revolution! Government funded, non-profit organisations stage anti-advertising raids, trashing idols of consumerism in the Parisian métropolitan transport system.

Why Just a Free Tibet? How About a Free China?

Dear Bono, Bjork and the Beasties: Free Tibet is great. But Tibet is only a fraction of the population of people who are also deserving of your celebrity activism.

Wednesday, July 14 2004

Sexuality on the Subcontinental Screen

From Bollywood's latest, raciest song and dance numbers to the newly released, controversial Girlfriend's, it's going to take a lot more than these types of frivolous female exhibitions -- two lesbians making out, the token 'loose' woman character slinking sinuously through a crude dance routine -- to signal the arrival of an honest treatment of sexuality to Indian cinema.

The Mystery of Consumer Demand, or Personality as Inventory

Theories about consumers have change over the years, as they should. These days, we see ourselves as the sum total of the things we possess, as opposed to the sum total of things we have experienced.

Wednesday, July 7 2004

Of Bootlegs and Business

Getting anime through what one might euphemistically call 'alternative channels of distribution' has become a standard part of the experience for many an anime fan.


Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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