Monday, June 19 2006

The “Other” Football: Watching America Watching the World Cup

From the Cheap Seats -- The 'Other' Football: Watching America Watching the World Cup -- As the FIFA World Cup plays out in Germany this month, the disparity between American interest in 'soccer' and the rest of the world's passion for 'football' is felt now more keenly than ever.

Sunday, June 18 2006

And Baby Makes a Mess

In which Sandra Oh inadvertently scares our columnist to death in a new play that's 'like birth control'.

Thursday, June 15 2006

Legends of the Fang

Want to know why Richard Matheson's I am Legend is one of the most important horror novels of all time? Our resident scare scholar offers up this comprehensive overview of the man, the book, and the enduring legacy.

Wednesday, June 14 2006

From the Beautiful Game to le beau jeu

On French footballers playing in England, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Tuesday, June 13 2006

Prime Location: How Sitcom Settings Add to the Fun

As British sitcoms move higher on the endangered species list, a small number of successful programs are relying on geographic familiarity to attract (and maintain) UK viewers.

Monday, June 12 2006

The Battle for M. Night Shyamalan’s Artistic Soul

As the weather heats up outside, all summer blockbuster eyes will be on M. Night Shyamalan's latest epic of the ethereal. But the big question is, Will it be a return to form? Or the final nail in his creative coffin?

Sunday, June 11 2006

Little America’s Term of Love

While peering 'down' at Australia from on-high (or rather, up north) through one's proverbial binoculars, one might get the impression this country is closer to North America -- perhaps uncomforably closer -- than mere geography might imply. Hummel hopes that is but a trick of the light... and other changeable circumstances.

Thursday, June 8 2006

The Devil’s Music: Franz Liszt’s Musical Representation of Mephistopheles

Liszt's Faust symphony offers a solution to the conundrum that faced so many Romantic and post-Romantic composers: how does one create a musical form that continually and progressively unfolds and yet manages to hold together, to be all 'of a piece'?

Wednesday, June 7 2006

The Underground Empire

Are the outposts of underground culture -- bookstores, record stores, etc. -- places where American curiosity and enthusiasm are kept alive, or places where ingrained snobbery is allowed to snuff it out?

Tuesday, June 6 2006

The Trouble with (Net)Time Travel

It's the ultimate in entertainment options when Netflix and the time-space continuum collide.

Cancelled Companions

Does it seem like every interesting, innovative series that you adore and worship gets yanked before its time? According to this rabid small screen fangirl, you are not alone.

Monday, June 5 2006

Big Girl Blues

In the realm of enormous breasts, she had no equal. But there is more to this grindhouse icon's enduring qualities than oversized boobs... or is there?

Sunday, June 4 2006

Coming Out of the Hazy Past

Even as black America continues to battle crime, violence, and death from within and hostile political and economic policy from beyond, it can be useful to occasionally look back through the haze and marvel at the richness of our individual stories. Two such stories: Floyd Patterson and Fats Domino.

Wednesday, May 31 2006

Bradbury on Fire

Though it was written over a half century ago, and the only film adaptation was helmed during the tumultuous and turbulent '60s, Fahrenheit 451 remains a classic sci-fi treasure. Our literary lady of letters believes that now just might be the right time for a remake.

Tuesday, May 30 2006

Postcard from Beijing

The Lovely Club and Mao's Tomb not only seem like two different Chinas from on another -- they seem to be on two different planets.

Lashing Out

Zorro has a few pointed barbs he'd like to personally deliver to El Presidente, Jorge Bush.

Monday, May 29 2006

New Suburbans: Field Explorations with Chaz and Brittany

The stratum of the human species we're studying here is a prevalent, yet often elusive breed.

Thursday, May 25 2006

Mechanical Animal

Who's the perfect silent film comedian for our techno-centric age? Here's a hint: he's the classic 'stoneface' who made machines his friends, not his entertainment enemies, during the course of his amazing cinematic career.

Wednesday, May 24 2006

Breaking News in Japan

Athletes such as Japanese slugger Hideki Matsui prop up the national psyche at a time when youth crime, economic decline, and political dysfunction are at their highest.

Monday, May 22 2006

Passion as Fashion? Rock Meets Religion on Manchester’s Streets

Manchester united around something other than soccer on Good Friday, as rock, religion and theatre came together for a unique presentation of Christ's crucifixion.

//Mixed media

Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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