Wednesday, October 6 2004

Convenience and the Cost of Free Music

Horning is not sure if he should admire those who maintain a personal ethical code and refrain from downloading free music -- a function the record industry has enabled -- or despise them for holding back the revolution.

Tuesday, October 5 2004

Let’s Talk @!#?%!# Politics

Should a celebrity's pointed comments on political issues slip past the censors, it's worth listening.

Wednesday, September 29 2004

Role Model at Bat?

It's not that a black child can't appreciate the talents of a white baseball star; it's just that a black athlete's accomplishments mean more to that child because the athlete looks like him/her, and therefore, that black athlete is a role model.

Cairo, Close-up

Lindsey's varied and complex neighbourhood is but a speck in the great dusty bowl that is Cairo. It's also very much like any patch of urban life found elsewhere in the world.

ReDotBlueDotPop: At Home, Away

Holden takes a two-hour plane ride from Tokyo to Seoul and finds himself in a completely different, yet paradoxically very similar world of Japanese and Korean pop culture.

Mercury’s Message: Low Key, High Quality

The Mercury Prize helps spread the gospel of talented UK musicians beyond the confines of their homeland, without over-the-top, Grammy-like showboating.

Wednesday, September 22 2004

Crouching Tiger: The Republicans’ Duplicitous Position on Iran

Ayatollah Khomeini's regime had, in effect, manipulated the results of the 1980 US elections by ensuring Reagan's victory. Such on-again/off-again, under-the-table 'I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine' politics continue to this day.

Much Nicer in Nice

The rich may have their opulent holiday spots, such as Monte Carlo, but it is the emerging class of the café society; younger, multicultural and trendy, that truly knows how to have fun in the cosmopolitan cities of the world.

Tuesday, September 21 2004

Good Parent/Bad Parent

Whether you are a philanthropist or a desultory sadist, you get to name and nurture or abuse and ignore your new pet according to your generous spirit or whim... much like real parenthood, dare I suggest.

Wednesday, September 15 2004

G.B.V—R.I.P:  For the Love of Rock

Our newest music columnist pays tribute to dearly departed Guided By Voices and remembers their 20-year career as indie legends.

Medals Über Alles

Still feeling good about the Olympics? Spare a thought for those who didn't make it to the medal podium.

Let Paris Decide

As the school year begins in Paris, there are many new changes facing students and teachers: hijabs, kippas, turbans, and large crucifixes -- along with knives, guns and other weapons -- will have to be left at the school gate.

We’re All Walking Sandwich Boards, These Days

Perhaps people seem so much like ads because ads now make up the only universally acknowledged public discourse; ads are the only kind of communication now accepted in public space.

Wednesday, September 8 2004

Latin Explosion versus Latin Continuity: Nights in the Life of the LAMC

The new Latin alternative sound is an interweaving of languages, styles, and rhythms that is nothing short of exciting.

Women Not Allowed and Girls Not Wanted

On a US-bound plane with Chinese girls being carried to their new homes by their adoptive parents, the author, recently barred from a worksite in China because she is a woman, reflects upon being an unwanted female in modern China.

Wednesday, August 25 2004

On the Importance of Differentiating Fantasy from Reality

For thoughtful liberals and libertarians such cases are tricky ones to manoeuvre without tying ourselves in knots of hyperbole, and allowing our democracy to be jeopardized.

Get Your Geechee On: Commercialism and Hope in the Sea Islands

Descendents of slaves in the South Carolina region, now a stopover point for 'historical' tours, turn their 'blood memories' into strategies that will keep them out of the ghetto or off the reservation. Although they risk the possibility of becoming living museum pieces, they also insure their children's survival.

Still Standing: House of Terror

This Neo-Renaissance building located a pleasant stroll from the Danube River, was once an elegant mansion. During WWII it became known as 'The House of Loyalty', then 'The House of Horror', and now it has settled into a museum named 'The House of Terror'.

Politicians: Beware the Power of Rock

When a giant of the rock industry like Bruce Springsteen weighs in with his tuppence worth, tens of thousands of ordinary voters feel they are being offered the benefit of impartial common sense from a source they can trust.

Thursday, August 12 2004

Beyond the Horse and Carriage: Understanding Arranged Marriage

The arranged marriage is in fact far from a single, monolithic institution, but rather a range of ideas and practices that can mean many things to many different people.


Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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