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Wednesday, September 11 2002

No Smoke Without Fear

I hope, John, they do have celestial ashtrays in the next place.

Wednesday, September 4 2002

The Schizophrenic Collide-a-Scope

Commercials not only serve as the sort of national archives for domestic events and values -- the town crier, if you will -- but advertising is one of the ways that popular culture actually manages to persist.

Wednesday, August 28 2002

Glastonbury Blues

I purchased a tent, a sleeping bag, a packet of baby wipes, three packets of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka.

Prague: A Dual Heritage of Beauty and Sacrifice

Prague shows the world that sacrifice is not futile, that evil can be fought and ultimately, defeated.

Admit You’re Happy, Dammit

Receiving several queries from members who felt that they had been discriminated at their workplace for being 'too happy' (one can only imagine what happy feats incurred the wrath of their employers), Johnson also contacted the ACLU in efforts to curb happiness discrimination.

Wednesday, August 21 2002

Racing Down: Eugenics and the Future of the Human Species

If society is to bear the costs of over-population -- social welfare, medical care, daycare centers -- then society has the right to regulate procreation.

Wednesday, August 14 2002

Titanic Efforts, But UK Acts Fail to Bridge Great Divide

Once our groups struck the Union Jack at the summit; now they stumble among the loose scree of the lower slopes.

Wednesday, August 7 2002

A Random Walk Down Pirate Street

Indeed, American book pirates of yesteryear are pretty much the same as Asian tape pirates today. The captains of industry hate 'em, but why else do you think damn near every citizen of Jakarta knows the lyrics to Don McLean's 'American Pie'?

Dracula’s Revenge

At a lunch with two members of the Romanian Senate the discussion moved from NATO admission to Dracula Park.

Wednesday, July 31 2002

The Myth of the Right to Life

Public hospitals, state pension schemes, and police forces may be needed in order to fulfill society's obligations to prolong, maintain, and improve our lives, but fulfill them they must.

Wednesday, July 24 2002

Northerns and Westerns

Both the Northerns and the Westerns tend to have an outlaw as their main protagonist . . .

Hollering Therapy

Confederate soldiers utilized the Rebel Yell to put fear into the hearts and souls of the Union Army. It also made them happy, I suspect, to holler in the woods.

Wednesday, July 17 2002

Ham and Eggs:  On Experimental Film and Foreignness

Americans don't like to feel estranged at the movies. The movies are our home turf

Wednesday, July 10 2002

Lad Mags and Dangerous, You Know: The Risk That Rolling Stone Takes

Anglo Visions -- Lad Mags and Dangerous, You Know: The Risk That Rolling Stone Takes -- In the hands of the new breed of editors, style and gloss, surface and glamour, beat everything: bigger, deeper, harder, harsher matters cower in the shadow of the flash, the superficial, the vacuous, the ephemerally amusing.

Colour It Wild :  David Goldblatt Turns Over a Colourful Leaf, in His Seventies

The tones that the sun inflicts on our spaces are often neither rich nor filled with gentle gradations.

In the Main It’s More Than the Mane

. . . (F)or all its post-war success, its unrivalled rise from the ashes, Japan views itself as the national equivalent of Charley Brown.

Thursday, June 27 2002

And Then There Were Too Many: The Population Bomb

No one can vouchsafe for a 'critical mass' of humans, a threshold beyond which the species will implode and vanish.

Wednesday, June 26 2002

The Pantego Mud Run: A Fourth of July Event

Many have described the Mud Run as Heaven on Earth for folks who love beer, tattoos, tube tops, and tobacco

Democratic Vistas: East and West (with apologies to Walt Whitman)

We were no longer in a country where this soldier's actions were constrained by democratic niceties. When he said get off the bus, we got off the bus.

Wednesday, June 19 2002

World Cup Tart

He is the primo monogamous Alpha male that we all, at one time or another, fantasize about being close to.

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