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Wednesday, May 1 2002

Apartheid:  Now in Museum Form

Paralleling concepts like apartheid with the Holocaust . . . has become a bit of a knee-jerk analogy that is often deeply fashionable and very disturbing . . .

Me and My TV, Here and There

I grossly misjudged what would be the most painful part of leaving the USA. My dependence on FOX and NBC was more than I could admit.

Do You Love Me? Three Metal Memoirs

Now the worm has turned, and I suspect that the success of 'The Osbournes', Andrew WK, and those gargling perennials Aerosmith will out us all as the closet metalheads we truly are.

Tuesday, April 23 2002

Southern Yard Art

. . . the inevitable chemical breakdown of the rubber components of tractor tires . . . combined with the unfortunate fading of red plastic in both artificial begonias and roses, brought about a sense of urgency in the group's ultimate mission . . .

Aware of What They Wear?

'Do you know,' I inquired in wonder, 'what that . . .' careful how I pointed my finger, 'um . . . means?' She followed the line of query to the tip of her extremis, mouthed the words written thereon, returned her eyes to my general direction, face reddening (possibly implicating her in the act of cognizance), and replied, 'No?'

Monday, April 22 2002

Nuyorican Nostalgia

As the post-9/11 politics of New York City threatens to force the city’s “people” into small self-interested enclaves, the music of Masters at Work is an all too timely reminder of the common vision that the Nuyorican spirit has forged with some many of New York City’s inhabitants.

Wednesday, April 17 2002

Open Letter to Showtime and MTV

I am pleased MTV and Showtime are joining forces to create a gay television network.

Wednesday, April 10 2002

Australia’s Need for Multicultural Politics

. . . in light of September 11th you can imagine the current of backlash, and why the Australian's government's harsh handling of the Tampa met public approval.

Major setback: Is time up for EMI?

. . . but since the de-merger from Thorn in 1996, it has looked a rather lonely whale in a sea of increasingly hungry sharks.

Wednesday, April 3 2002

The Umbrella: A South African cultural weapon?

During apartheid, if a controversial South African artist went out of the country and 'made it' by gaining acknowledgement from 'real' galleries Out There before returning, suddenly the former pariah would magically become prodigal son and worthy citizen.

Culture Clash at Ground Zero

The [Church of Christ the Redeemer] has been rebuilt — a meticulous copy of the original — and an example of reconstruction triumphing over destruction.

Wednesday, March 27 2002

The Victory of Visuality

. . .(T)oday we 'worship' visuality as we sit reverently at the feet of Ódinn's throne, watching the whole world on a super-wide TV-screen.

Am I a Southerner?

Today's Southerner plays whatever card is needed to win the hand.

Wednesday, March 20 2002

Via Chicago

They just quietly took the revolution into their own hands because they wanted to make music as they pleased.

Tuesday, March 12 2002

Centre of Attraction? How a UK Pop Dream Died

Yet the project raises rather difficult memories of a similar scheme that Britain tried to get off the ground . . .

Wednesday, March 6 2002

Maim That Tune: The Moldy Peaches and the Apotheosis of Lo-Fi

Good lo-fi bands know that they have an ace tune on their hands when they can stumble drunkenly over it and it still rocks the box.

The New American Jingoism

Then, when the US and other countries amassed enough Jingo Credits, they would be allowed to unfurl their flags.

Friday, March 1 2002

Lifestyles of the Rich and Tenured?: The Black Public Intellectual Under Siege

. . . (T)o raise questions about black faculty who are 'intimidated' by gatekeepers within black institutions is to risk access to and influence within those very institutions. No politically astute black mainstream politician is willing to do that.

Presidents, Pop Stars, and Czars

He should have rugged good looks, and perhaps some pop star charisma so that he can wow the crowds when he's out there making appearances and giving speeches 'on tour'.

Wednesday, February 20 2002

Awash in the Soaps

While some might object to killing off the lover of the soap world's youngest lesbian, I see it as a sign of progress.

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