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Wednesday, August 27 2003

Help Her, She’s Melting

The truth is, Lara doesn't know who she is anymore, and neither does anyone else. Is she a film star, a role model, a video game avatar or all three?

Wednesday, August 20 2003

Dancing with Nothing but Heart

Through their performance art they have dealt with the legislation of sodomy, addressed the smoking of marijuana, contemplated being trained to behave in the world by learning the 'tricks' that society expects, and confronted homophobia and anti-Semitism.

1-800-Call-Center: India as the World’s Receptionist

Many Indians are now merely perceived as better equipped to serve Western companies.

SMAP: The Story of Everything

It wouldn't be far-fetched to venture that SMAP is a cultural institution, a cottage industry, and a magical commodity that works tirelessly to beget more commodities.

Thursday, August 14 2003

Cleveland Heights, A City of Culture and Contrasts

. . . in the midst of difference -- wealth and education here, poverty and despair just over there -- Americans retain an essential respect for the symbols of the city, the physical pillars of the nation.

Thursday, August 7 2003

The CEO-In-Chief

George W. Bush brought his CEO ethic to the White House. And that's the problem.

Catch Them If You Can

Why would someone who obviously has enough talent to be hired by a venerable institution feel the need to ruin themselves, and more importantly, shame the institution with which they are affiliated?

Thursday, July 24 2003

We Can Be Heroes

As gamers we may be brave in the virtual world but maybe we're actually just running scared from reality.

Crossing Borders, Writing Back: The Work of Arundhati Roy and Mahasweta Devi

Novelists across generations and national borders have had feet planted simultaneously in the worlds of fiction and non-fiction, creative writing and journalism.

The Myth of Mental Illness

Suicide, substance abuse, narcissism, eating disorders, antisocial ways, schizotypal symptoms, depression, even psychosis are considered sick by some cultures -- and utterly normative or advantageous in others.

Wednesday, July 16 2003

No Question: The Media Is Right

Why are these and countless other distortions swallowed by the media and fed to the American public without question?

Crouching Synagogue, Hidden Witness

I question the value of my presence there, as a white woman amongst young black people who historically shouldn't want to be near me or my kind.

Wednesday, July 9 2003

Justice, Peace, and Memory—From East Europe to Iraq

Politics and Culture/East and West -- Justice, Peace, and Memory - From East Europe to Iraq -- This painfully constructed edifice of rights is honored more in the breach than in the observance.

Skiffle and the English “Elvis”

Anglo Visions -- Skiffle and the English 'Elvis' -- Suffice it to say that without Donegan's 'Rock Island Line', it is highly unlikely that the greatest band of all would ever have emerged.

Wednesday, July 2 2003

Play for Today

The question as to whether games are stories or stories are games is important, because it goes to the root of what video games have been, are, and are going to be . . .

Just War or a Just War

What is legal is not always moral and what is legitimate is not invariably legal.

Thursday, June 26 2003

The Animatrix and Anime’s Burgeoning Influence

While the slogan of anime distributor Central Park Media of 'World peace through shared popular culture' is probably overly optimistic, collaborations on films such as 'The Animatrix' are indicative of a maturation of both animation itself and the general public's perceptions of such a medium.

From the Harvest Festival to HOVA—Bhangra Meets Hip-Hop

Bhangra enters the American popular consciousness . . . and a new hip-hop anthem is born.

Wednesday, June 18 2003

White Like Me

Murray refuses to pussyfoot around politically correct representation of ethnic diversity.

Right and Wrongs: The Return of the Anti-Nazi League

This conjunction, a Prime Minister with a falling rating and a spineless Parliamentary opposition, has again wedged the door ajar for the British National Party, the current incarnation of the National Front.

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